May 11, 2016

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Someone tell Graham it's not cold!

  • This was the first Wednesday without Bible study so we did school instead.  The kids weren't too excited about this but tomorrow is an off day around here so that did ease their grumbling. One of the reasons that we are taking tomorrow off is because the other day, Reagan wrote a note on Graham's desk and it said, "Graham, you have been working so hard in school so take Thursday off! Love, Mom."  Graham was pretty excited about his note until he figured out that it was from Reagan.  I then told him that he was indeed going to have Thursday off and he was quick to run and tell Reagan.  Imagine her surprise when he told her that he really was getting Thursday off from school!
  • All that to say, we did school today.  It went well though most of my Dennies have a bit of a cold-Whitman and Robby are the only ones without it.  Graham probably feels the worst and I almost let him skip church tonight.  On our way there, he was looking all pitiful until Reagan reminded him that it was his turn to go shopping during his class.  This perked him right up!
  • The kids worked on their school this morning and I can just about feel the freedom of school being out here.  Though when school is finished, my main priority during the day is to get the school room and school room closet back in order and to prepare school for the fall which will be here before I know it.
  • After school we ate our lunch and then the kids saw the neighbors outside.  I explained that I was going to get on the treadmill so they could go outside but they could not leave the yard.  That worked out well and I was able to walk my walk on the treadmill.  The kids continued to play outside until Nonna and Pops arrived with Sonic drinks for everyone.  
  • When their visit was over, the kids continued to play outside until 4.  Then I called my crew in so we could pick up our toys and start showering.  I was busy with Whitman and asked Reagan to heat up a few things in the microwave and she was very pleased with herself-she had pulled out plates, lots of leftovers to heat, napkins and forks.  We just had ourselves a leftover smorgasbord!
  • We met Robby at church and my Graham did get to do his shopping tonight.  He was so proud that he had bought all of his brothers and sisters something as well...until he realized that he had forgotten Campbell!  She was mildly disappointed until I found her a little snack for later back at the house.  
  • Kennedy is spending the night with us so that bought the kids some extra time before bed tonight.  But the girls are still above my head-it sounds like they have brought a herd of elephants into their room.  Gracious me!

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