March 1, 2017

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  • I didn't mention this in the blog but the more that I thought about it, the more funny it became. We were doing our Bible story last night and the dishwasher was noisily going downstairs and there was some noise outside-possibly wind or a car racing. Whatever the sound was, Graham uncovered himself, jumped up and started racing across the room while saying, "The sirens!"  Bless that child. He is the most skittish with storms but gracious. I reassured him multiple times that the storms were gone before I finally tucked him in.
  • I am thankful that he slept through the storm last night or he probably would have been downstairs in our bed. Robby, however, didn't sleep very well during the storm. At one point, he started mumbling and when I asked him what he said, he clearly said, "The dam broke?" By this time I was very awake and replied, "In California?" He then looked at me and told me, "Never mind."
  • The boys seem to wake up early every day and now they somehow wake Whitman up as well. He usually sits by them and watches them play Minecraft or comes to our room. This morning he came to our room. We could already hear the girls above our heads getting ready for Bible study.
  • Everyone helped with a few chores this morning and then we started on breakfast. My Reagan and Graham wanted a Wednesday morning bagel like I have each day. I helped them smear it with cinnamon butter and cream cheese. Then they both asked to wrap theirs up so they could eat them in the car-like me! Aw, my sweet little babies want to be like me.
  • We soon were on our way to Bible study. The kids were happy to be there and happy to see me come and pick them up. Today, Candice and Sara had a meeting at church for VBS so I had all the kids for lunch.
  • What to do with 7 extra kiddos? Pick up some pizzas and drive them to another side of town, another city in fact! We went to Mills Park and as soon as I opened the doors, the kids ran off like they had never seen a playground. Thankfully, the wind had dried up much of the water only leaving a few puddles which Micheal and Graham quickly found (yes, Graham-he never means to but is a puddle magnet.)
  • I called them all over for lunch and they barely ate since they were too interested in playing. Robby was able to drop by and played football with the boys for a bit. I had planned on having time to walk the trail but we didn't even have time for that. Before we knew it, it was time to load up and drop the crew off at church.
  • My boys rode home with Robby and once we were all home, the kids watched a bit of tv. And exactly like last week, when it was almost time to think about eating supper, they were outside playing. We waited until the last minute to call them inside and everyone did enjoy supper tonight-baked potatoes. I set out topping after topping for them to use but the only ones my kids touched were butter, cheese and bbq sauce. They were very interested in my stories about only eating baked potatoes in college at lunch each day and many, many suppers.
  • As soon as the kitchen was clean, we were loading back up for church. It was double buck night for Campbell and she racked up-saying her verse, the Ten Commandments and having her Bible. Graham was disappointed that his teacher didn't give them time to learn the verse. Anderson and the other 4th graders went to Ignite tonight so they could see what it will be like this fall. Reagan didn't seem too pleased about having her brother there in her group! Whitman was so cute telling his teacher about the "miracle" Jesus did and Keaton was lots of fun in my group tonight-she loved playing with the parachute.
  • I have told Robby that the only time that I feel like we live forever away is on Wednesday nights but tonight our book on tape is wrapping up. I could have driven another 30 minutes to continue listening to the ending of our book.
  • Once at home, the kids had showers and then I passed out snacks. Next up it was teeth brushing time and bedtime-my second favorite part of Wednesdays (after my Wednesday morning bagel!)

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