April 10, 2017

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  • Monday morning and everyone woke up without us having to wake them up. I walked to the stairs just as Whitman was sliding down them. We quickly found clothes for Keaton and Whitman and they headed off for the day.
  • Keaton had school and she was a bit disappointed that they didn't have a new letter so she could bring something for show and tell. Whitman had a great day at Nonna and Pops' house. He said he had the best day ever. He did get to go to the library and pick out 3 books. Nonna said that they read them about 3 times! (We haven't read them all yet tonight-maybe tomorrow.)
  • Everyone else started on school. Anderson and Reagan are definitely able to tell that they have less school work each week now since we are starting to finish a few things. Graham has less on most days but he is having to do a reading page (read a story/answer questions) each day and now the front and backside of his language arts page. This doesn't bother him though and he zooms through his work. Campbell has some less work but she didn't notice today because she did everything except for schoolwork today. Gracious, if I would have had some Ritalin laying around here I would have given it to her.
  • I finished working with the kids before 11 so I ran upstairs to start going through Whitman's summer clothes. It didn't take long since boys clothes consist of pants, shorts, tshirts and dress shirts. I had finished his hanging clothes in no time and considered doing his drawers but decided that there was no reason for that since there is always tomorrow.
  • Then it was time for us to do our history and science. Afterwards, the kids finished up some of their school work while I made lunch. After lunch we flew through our chores and the kids went outside looking for the neighbors. They were still working on their school so the kids eventually migrated back inside.
  • I was able to do a few chores this afternoon and even worked in the yard some-even trying to rake every bit of leaves possible before being soaked by the rain. I had to help Graham, Campbell and Keaton back in the house since they were dripping wet. I made them strip in the garage and then head to the showers. I wasn't as wet as they were but I was 5 times more filthy since I had been raking and hauling tarps of leaves. 
  • Since I didn't feel like stripping in the garage, I dusted off the best I could before heading in the change clothes. I didn't shower because my next stop was the treadmill for a few minutes. Robby worked on supper-Shannon's chili recipe. 
  • He spent some time on the dishwasher tonight before supper. I had tried to clean it this morning with vinegar and baking soda. I had most of it clean and shiny until he undid the bottom part revealing beyond nastiness. He scrubbed that with bleach and put it back together before supper.
  • We ate and then after cleaning up, Robby ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. All of the kids had a play doh competition. They worked and worked on creating a doughnut which I then had to judge. They spent at least 30 minutes on this!
  • Then we watched a tv show while waiting on Robby. When he came home, Whitman and I helped him unload the groceries. As we were doing this, I checked the dishwasher and it wasn't draining-urgh.
  • He is now working on the dishwasher and hoping that he just put a piece in backwards and the problem can be easily fixed! Then I bet we will have a big ole dessert of some kind!

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