April 9, 2017

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  • For church this morning, I had already laid Whitman's clothes out. I had to ask Campbell to change her leggings to a more churchy pair which didn't really please her and when I told her that she couldn't wear sandals until next week. Thankfully, everyone else had a much easier time getting ready.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The kids ate them up-two cans barely feeds the crew now. Robby and I did both get one and I ate a few leftover pieces as I put the dishes in the dishwasher. 
  • Anderson, Graham, and Campbell sang 3 songs in both services this morning. In choir practice, they asked if anyone wanted to play an instrument. Anderson happily volunteered but was a bit disappointed when he found out that he would playing a maraca. Ha! You could even tell that he wasn't too happy about it this morning. Campbell didn't do any hand motions-I guess we are raising some true Baptist. Graham, at least, sang with a smile on his face and did the hand motions.
  • After church, we had lunch at Nonna's house. Pops made his pork tenderloin and Nonna had made a belated birthday cake for Whitman. When we couldn't light the number 4 candle, Whitman said "the cake is ruined." He might just be a bit dramatic! We convinced him that it was still fine and he was as happy as he could be blowing out his birthday candles one more time.
  • We came home and had ourselves a bit of a nap. Whitman came upstairs to where I was and after a bit he was sound asleep too. I was pretty warm and cozy with a blanket and Whitman on top of me and didn't want to get up at all to go to my meeting at church.
  • I did anyway and soon Robby and the kids were there too for church. Whitman came in big church and he did very well-he would try to sing along. At one point, as I was holding him I realized that both of his hands were waving in the air. I will have to have Campbell talk to him!
  • After church, the kids had a snack and watched a Pioneer Woman before bedtime. Robby had to go upstairs because Whitman was making all kinds of commotion. Then I had to go upstairs because the girls were all having a pow-wow in the bathroom-Keaton "needed" a band-aid. Currently, it sounds like everyone is asleep or at least they are quite.

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