April 16, 2017-Happy Easter

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  • Easter morning and people started walking through our bedroom at 7:01. They were asking me questions like "where are my Easter clothes?" and "which one is my shirt?" I was just able to grunt out answers since really, we had a few more minutes until we needed to get ready.
  • I tried to stall them from getting ready but I was too late. I didn't really want for Keaton to eat her breakfast wearing a white dress but she did. Not only did she had a white dress after breakfast but she had a white and orange juice stained dressed (FYI-can't get orange juice out with a wash cloth before church.)
  • Once the kids were all dressed (Graham even put Whitman's clothes on him) we passed out Easter baskets. Each contained a bottle of orange juice, a honey bun, a cinnamon swirl, a chocolate bunny, a package of socks, a brownie and a little toy.  Everyone was super pleased-like Christmas stocking pleased. It doesn't take too much to make my crew happy thankfully.
  • We ate our breakfasts and then did our obligatory Easter picture. Hopefully, we have a decent one but it hasn't gotten any easier to get everyone smiling and when will Whitman learn to smile at the camera or even just look at the camera.
  • Church was crowded but our class wasn't too full. We had lots to do in our Sunday school class and as usual I had worked up a sweat by big church time. Robby picked up the kids and they did stop to see the baby chicks before we all went to big church.
  • After church, I took Campbell, Anderson and Whitman home in my car and we were a few minutes ahead of Robby and the others. Soon Grannymom and Grandpa were here followed by Nonna, Pops and Jason.  By the time that the bread was warm, Dana, Lilly and Cash had arrived. 
  • Everyone ate and ate and we still had a plethora of leftovers. The kids gobbled up their food because all they could think about was the Easter egg hunt. Soon we started hiding those eggs. Pops, Jason, Grandpa, Robby and I hid and hid and hid eggs. There were so many that you couldn't walk 5 feet without stepping on one. 
  • On the count of 3, Robby let the kids run off of the porch. They flew around the yard filling their baskets and eventually Walmart sacks with Easter eggs. Whitman and Keaton didn't get as many as the others but they were right behind them. Once the yard was completely void of eggs, the kids came inside to dump out their eggs.
  • This is at least the third year that the kids have started making "stores" with their Easter candy and trading it. It is kind of interesting to watch but they work so hard on making a good deal and trying to get more of what they want. Reagan was worried about the boys not being fair with Keaton's stash. Whitman knew exactly what he wanted and when he was done trading then he was done trading.
  • We wondered aloud where they came up with all of this trading but in a few minutes we realized where...as everyone was packing up their food, we were busily trading our leftovers with each other just like those kids were trading their candy. Everyone went home with tons of leftovers (possibly next Easter we should just have ham sandwiches).
  • Once the house was straight again, the kids watched a movie and Robby and I took a nap. We napped until the Wilsons wrote saying they were coming over. I pulled out all of our leftovers and we just sat around and made a meal on them. 
  • When Tony and Robby went to pick up their kids, Shannon and I hid more eggs outside for the kids to find. My kids were down the street with the neighbors for a bit. When it was egg hunting time, the Wilsons, neighbors and our kids all ran through the yard again searing for eggs. 
  • This time there was a a prize for round one and round two of our egg hunts. Neighbor one the first round and Reagan won the second. At dark, the kids came inside and we worked on eating a bit more leftovers. When everyone left, the kids helped clean up and showered off before bedtime.
  • Now, everyone else is sleeping soundly but Whitman who had a pretty good nap this afternoon which has led to him not being able to sleep now. He has been downstairs now twice!

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