April 20, 2017

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  • Keaton and Whitman had school this morning so my mission bright and early was to find them and put their clothes on them. Whitman was easy to find since he was in the living room floor watching a movie near his brothers and Keaton was sound asleep in her bed. 
  • After they were stirring, Reagan and Campbell came stumbling down the stairs. I do believe that they could have slept for a bit longer because they looked like zombies walking down those steps.
  • When Keaton and Whitman left, the rest of us started on school work. My part right now with each kiddo is pretty quick so the hardest job right now that I have is checking math. I do love math but I am not crazy about having to think so hard!
  • At 11, I headed out the door to run to the library (I had books on hold and Graham had put in a request for more Hardy Boys.) Then I picked up Whitman and Keaton. Ms. Jennifer said that Whitman had a wonderful day-always nice to hear because he isn't always the best around here.
  • Once I made it home, the kids did a few chore while I made a bit of lunch. Then we all went to work on packing for our trip. Things went well until it was time for me to help Reagan pack her clothes. I didn't realize that she had so few shirts so we scurried around so we would have time to go shopping.
  • I had a doctor's appointment and since Robby was working here, Keaton and Whitman headed to Nonna's house for a bit. Graham wanted to go too even though Anderson and Campbell wanted to stay here. Reagan went with me after dropping everyone off and we made a haul at Old Navy. We found her a few Sunday shirts and a few shirts to wear every day. I think that she was pretty pleased and I was pleased that we found most things on clearance.
  • Then I headed to my appointment and Reagan sat in the waiting room playing on my phone. I had to wait for a good long time so my phone was almost dead when I returned. She did beg for me to let her go to Sonic on the way home and she gladly paid with her gift card. 
  • We picked up Graham, Keaton and Whitman from Nonna's house. They were having a snack when we arrived-they had a made a delicious chocolate rice krispy treats. As soon as we made it home, it was almost time for the kids to turn around to head to soccer practice.
  • Whitman and I stayed home during practice-he watched movies while I made beans, cheese dip, enchiladas and Mexican corn for tomorrow, packed some and painted the inside of the fireplace. I even had supper made when they returned so when they walked in the door, we all sat down to eat. 
  • After eating, the kids rotated through the showers and then it was bedtime for the crew. I think that they were all pretty tired today. Graham still has his cough but did act like he felt a lot better today. Hopefully, he will even feel some better tomorrow!

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