April 6, 2017

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  • Our morning started at 12:30 last night with Campbell coming into our room. She said that her ear hurt. I put drops in her ear and made her a pallet by our bed. She did go to sleep but then woke up at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30. I tried giving her water, more ear drops and even had a warm heating pad. Nothing really helped and at 3:30 when she was up, I decided that if she woke up anymore we would try her sleeping sitting up in a chair. 
  • Thankfully, she didn't wake up again until morning time and she seemed just fine. I asked her if her ear hurt and she said that it did not. In the middle of the night, I was certain that I would be making her an appointment for this morning but they way she was acting, I just wasn't sure if she needed one at all. I debated, Robby debated and finally we decided we might as well run her in since tomorrow and Saturday are busy.
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman to school today-most days at preschool are exciting and this one was too. They both had pictures, Keaton was bringing snack and Whitman was bringing a tool to show (tape measure).
  • We all went to work on school here. Anderson and Graham have now finished their spelling and I did the happy dance right along with them. Reagan has one more week and Campbell has finished her book but is doing a few weeks of reviewing. Now, when I told Graham that he had finished spelling, he said "how did I finish when Anderson did since he started earlier?" It took me a good while to realize that he thought he was finished with his spelling for good. I had to break it to him that he still has three more years of spelling!
  • At 11, I jumped into the car to run to the library and to pick up Whitman and Keaton. The library had a table set up with cookies and lemonade so I took two for my crew. They were so excited about their little treat and when we headed toward home, Keaton started asking me to go back to the library.
  • We didn't and headed home instead. The neighbors were already out so the kids gobbled down their lunch and flew through their chores so they could head outside to play. We are certainly taking advantage of this weather.
  • At 1:30, I loaded up Campbell and Whitman. Campbell had her doctor's appointment and Whitman needed to come with me since Robby was trying to work. We waited and bit and then the doctor came in. She looked in Campbell's non hurting ear and said that it had some fluid. Then she looked in her other ear-not only was infected but her ear drum was bulging so much that the doctor was convinced that it would/will burst. She told me all about what to expect (though we knew since Anderson has already done that.) She also said that Campbell was wheezing a bit and seemed a bit concerned...until I told her that Campbell had been playing outside all afternoon. Since Campbell felt fine; she was no longer concerned. 
  • We walked around the building and picked up meds for Campbell and then ran to get gas and a few groceries. We beat it home so Campbell could get her first dose of meds-I don't want that ear drum to burst.
  • After she took her medicine, she was back outside with everyone else until we called them all in to put on shoes for soccer practice. Tonight we let everyone stay the entire time and even though they weren't pleased about leaving the neighbors, they all had a good time.
  • Whitman and I stayed here. We read, played a few games, he took a shower while I did some chores and then as he watched a movie I did some treadmill time.
  • When everyone returned home, the kids had showers and we all had supper. There was even a bit of time to watch a Bates before bedtime. Campbell seemed fine and hopefully the two doses of meds plus ear drops will help her rest well tonight!

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