Ark Adventure-April 22, 2017

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Robby and I went to bed this morning around 2 and it was storming so wonderfully outside. We felt pretty confident that maybe there wouldn’t be soccer this morning. We still had plenty to do before leaving for our trip and a morning off of soccer would help tremendously.

Around 6:30, Robby started staring at his phone waiting for the “no soccer” message but it never did come. A bit after 7, we started hurrying the kids along getting their soccer clothes on. The drive to the fields was a misty mess and so were the first 2 games.

The weather was not a deterrant to Keaton this morning. She hustled as fast as she could but the two other boys on her team were a bit faster (and a bit bigger) today. Keaton wasn’t able to score but her team did win by quite a bit.

Campbell’s turn was next and her team only lost by one point which was so much closer than last week. She hurried after that ball and had lots of fun. Now the boys had fun but they were no were close to winning. They played a boy that was on Anderson’s team last year and he is a superstar. I do believe that their score was 7-0. They hustled to the end and were eventually able to stop (or slow down) the superstar.

During one of the games, Whitman looked up at me and said, “I forgot my beary.” Poor thing, I had to reassure him that we would go home and get his beary before leaving. The mist stopped during Reagan’s game but the wind was still blowing and it was just down right cold during the games. Reagan scored 3 points and her team’s score was 9-0. She has a really fun group of girls on her team and they are all good players.

Before the end of the game, Robby was herding kids to the car at the end of Reagan’s game. I had to hurry with Reagan to the car so we weren’t left. We picked up pizza on the way home and speeded on back to the house.

At home, the girls showered first while the boys ate their pizza and then they switched places. Robby managed the showers and even had to sit down to do some work. I unloaded the car and started on the reloading. We moved pretty quickly and even were loaded in the car 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

We fought the rainy mist the entire drive and the dreary day made our drive to Memphis seem incredibly long. We drove and drove and drove.  At one time I thought that we might be driving in circles. After crossing the river, we did stop at a McDonalds for a potty break and snack. The kids ate nuggets, hamburgers, ice cream and slushies-that really sounds like more than a snack. After a bit of sitting at McDonalds, Whitman told us that he was ready to go to the hotel so we loaded up and headed that way.

Back in the car and we listened to our book for a while. The rain continued to be a misty mess but we passed the time with ipads, talking to Grannymom, talking to Pops and texting Candice and the Wilsons.

I am always amazed at the kids-getting into the hotel was incredibly easy. Keaton asked to help with laundry (none tonight) and then offered to unload the ice chest. Everyone put their shoes up and started getting their pjs and when Whitman walked into the room he started stripping. (Our usual hotel laundry routine is strip when you come in the room so we can get that laundry in the wash quickly.) Soon everyone were in their pjs, having something to drink, and watching ginormous food. (We probably shouldn’t watch this show because we are already planning another trip to go and eat a 48 inch pizza.)

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