April 13, 2017

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  • When I walked through the house this morning, Graham said "what are you doing up; it is just 7:30." I would have thought that he would have been more excited to see me but oh, well! I knew I didn't have too long at home this morning until I had to leave for Easter parties so I did get moving pretty quickly.
  • After walking through the house opening blinds, pouring medicine, putting toothpaste on toothbrushes and pouring my water I headed upstairs to wake up the school going folks. It didn't take too long for them to get ready since they didn't want to miss any of their Easter parties.
  • Robby took them on to school while the rest of us quickly started on our school work. I zoomed through my work with everyone and had time to fold the laundry, pull out school for tomorrow and organize Keaton's drawers (still have her pj/undie drawer along with her closet to do.) Then I jumped in the car and headed off.
  • My first stop was to the library and then to the Easter parties. Back at the house, Graham and Reagan were finished with work. Campbell was nearing the end of her work and Anderson finished quickly when he found out that the neighbors were out and about early this morning.
  • I arrived at school as Keaton was eating her cupcake. She had already dyed two fake eggs (hollow but feel like real eggs-I had never seen anything like it). Then her class played a few games but I only caught the tail end of that because I caught up with Whitman's class.
  • Whitman's class hunted their eggs in the front of the church. They could only get 10 eggs and he did great counting his eggs and then he knew that he was done. Poor kids in Keaton's class couldn't even figure that out. After his group took a picture, I went to find Keaton's group.
  • They were soon hunting their eggs. Keaton quickly found her 12-her group was interesting to watch since they were much more selective about which eggs they wanted to pick up. My Keaton grabbed her 11 and then had to really look for her 12th since some of her classmates filled up their buckets.
  • I made it back to Whitman's room just as he was putting stickers on the Easter egg that he dyed. Well, he wasn't really putting stickers on it since he doesn't like stickers. He was just sitting there. Bless, he is just a little messed up with that sticker thing. Then they passed out goodie bags and he ended up with 3 different ones (So I could feel a bit bad about all of theses mommas sending Easter goodie bags or I could choose not to since it is all their first kids. Whitman should feel lucky that I even come to his parties!....kidding, kind of!)
  • We had to run by Nonna's house on the way home to pick up a coupon and Whitman decided that he was going to stay-he didn't get to though but we did eat a cookie before we left. Everyone at home was already playing outside. Robby took sandwich orders and I passed them out.
  • We scarfed down our food and Whitman, Reagan and I left again. Reagan and I had haircuts. She was not pleased at all with me for picking her to get her hair cut but she really needed a trim  more than Keaton or Campbell. Whitman was just going because it is a little harder for Robby to work with him there. 
  • After all of our hair was cut, we ran to Micheals and the Dollar Store. Then it was on to find Reagan a top for Easter. Things started out splendidly with Whitman walking happily in the store with us but by the end he was strapped in a buggy crying! If it would have been 4 year old Reagan I would have left the store in tears myself but Reagan and I just talked louder so we could hear each other over my fussing child. He was at least saying, "I am having fun, I am having fun," as he sobbed.
  • Reagan did find her a top-limited choices in the girls section and the juniors xs might fit her but gracious their necklines are pretty low. Maybe I should start sewing. I tried to even help her find another top for church but we just didn't have any luck so soon we were out headed to Sonic. Maybe she was just focused on Sonic and wasn't in the mood to do more shopping. 
  • I called Robby for Sonic orders and delivered them once we came home. The kids played outside for the rest of the afternoon and were soon having to load up for soccer. The neighbors were out playing so they sure didn't want to have to leave.
  • Whitman stayed home with me tonight. He started watching movies but soon was in the kitchen helping me boil 3 and a half dozen eggs and bake 4-5 dozen sugar cookies. We also managed to read 6 library books and watch a bit of a movie before the soccer game came in.
  • They had eaten supper on the way home so Whitman and I ate while the others cycled through the showers. Then it was bedtime for the crew. Robby let everyone stay up for 10 minutes to read so we just let Whitman stay down here for the last 10 minutes. He does not yet understand why Anderson is turning of the light when it really is bedtime. 

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