April 12, 2017

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  • I was one of the first ones up this morning which is an oddity. Graham and Campbell were the only other ones awake. Graham was already ready for the day and I quickly urged Campbell to put on her clothes as I woke everyone else up. I didn't think that I was going to be able to wake up Anderson he was sleeping so soundly. When I walked in to wake up Reagan and Keaton, Keaton burst out laughing. She thought it was so funny that her and Reagan were in the same bed.
  • The boys helped fold the towels this morning and soon everyone was working on their own breakfasts. Reagan was the only one who picked a Wednesday morning bagel like me. Lunches were packed and we were on our way in plenty of time this morning.
  • We are still listening to our book on tape. Campbell and Keaton do not like listening while the book is all that Reagan and Anderson can think about. It does make the Wednesday drives go a bit quicker. We are on disc 4 now of 15-still a ways to go.
  • Bible study this morning and when we all climbed back into the car there was a lot of talk about Rwanda. Two dollars buys a Bible or a Bible study book for the upcoming CBS year in Rwanda. Also 98,000 people attend a CBS group in that country-pretty amazing. Everyone is planning on bringing their 2 dollars next week to Bible study.
  • My group headed to the park for lunch. The kids all played and played. Whitman did say that he was going to kiss one little girl. I reminded him that he wasn't getting married so he would only be giving kisses to his momma. My leader brought cookies for everyone and they were so delicious that I already have the recipe.
  • Once at home, we unloaded the car, did the laundry and picked up their bedrooms before everyone headed outside. Keaton did stay inside with me and helped me go through her clothes for the summer switch over. Whitman did end up falling asleep while watching his Little Einsteins. 
  • By 4:30, I was scrambling around trying to get supper ready. I threw something in the oven and we were eating by a bit after 5. Then we hopped in the car and headed to the church house. I dropped everyone off and then did a happy dance because my littles would all be going to the playground for game time so I could have the night off.
  • I did some of my Bible study before finding Nonna and Pops and having meeting with them in the parking lot. Then I found Candice and Sara and chatted with them. Then on to wait for the kiddos to finish. I gathered them up as fast as I could and when we arrived home, Robby had warm cookies waiting on us. It was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day.

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