Ark Adventure-April 26, 2017

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Even though we knew that today was our longest drive, we still could have probably slept in a bit longer than we did this morning. Whitman, however, was up around 6:30 so Anderson was soon awake then as well. Whitman did climb in bed with us and after a fe minutes lost his “one of my favorites” status when he told me, “you are squishy.” After hearing that a few times, I decided that I would head to the shower.

After everyone put their clothes on, we headed down to breakfast. Robby loaded the car as we ate and then he grabbed himself a bite as we finished up. Then it was on the road. Robby drove about halfway to Memphis and we stopped for a potty break and cookies from McDonalds. Then I found the wind and drove to Ikea. All morning long and even into the afternoon, the weather was nice but so very windy.

We made it to Ikea and we all ran in to use the restroom. Then we mazed around the store to find the restaurant. Yesterday was kids eat free but today was not-that is always our luck. That was fine though and most everyone had chicken and fries, Keaton had pasta and Reagan had meatballs like Robby and me.

We then went to the front of the store to start our shopping. I filled my buggy like I was on the game show Supermarket Sweep. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did get to go to the playroom for a little bit. They did well in there-though big sister Campbell had to wipe her brother's bottom when he pottied. I am sure that her and Keaton were in the bathroom taking care of their brother.

I am sure that you are interested so here is what all we bought-3 sets of shelves for over the boys' beds, perler beads, a picture frame for each girl, napkins for Reagan's birthday party, a cheese grater like Shannon has, 3 plants, 2 silver containers and 1 wooden container for the plants, chip clips, cinnamon rolls, extension cord type things, tealight candles and a rug to replace the rug in our closet.

We then hopped in the car and headed on our way. We knew the weather was dicey in some spots so when Pops called telling us about a tornado ahead of us we started watching the weather. It went from sunny to dark and really scary in just a minute. We hurried to make it to Brinkley before running into the thunderstorm. We could tell on the radar that red and even heavier pink was about to be right above us.

By the time we made it to Brinkley, it was storming very well. We pulled off in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant. We debated going into the store but did stay in the car. Robby did hear that Brinkley had a tornado warning but he heard that just as the warning expired.

Now when we pulled off the road, waterworks began happening inside of the car as well. Campbell really wanted to be able to go to church tonight because her class was going "shopping" tonight. She finally pulled it together just about the time that we pulled out of the parking lot and headed back in the road.

The drive home was tough-for Robby and his navigator (me). Just as the rain would let up, it would become crazy heavy again. Robby wasn't really able to relax until we made it almost to church. I ran the big 4 into church and they were all happy to be there even though they were 15 minutes late.

Robby, Whitman, Keaton and I finished our trip with supper from Tacos 4 Life. Then we flew home and dropped off Robby and Keaton. Whitman and I jumped in Robby's car and headed back to church to pick everyone up.

Campbell was on cloud 9 because she had more bucks than anyone else in her class. She bought a huge bouncy ball, glowing teeth, and a bag full of candy. We made it home just about the time that Keaton and Robby had finished unloading the van.

Robby had cooked the others a pizza and it was ready just as we came in. The kids all had showers while we unpacked. Then they ate and helped us unpack. We pretty much have everything put away except a bazillion loads of laundry. By 9:30, the kids were in bed and I bet that we will be headed that way soon.

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