April 1, 2017

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  • I am afraid that my little girls don't understand what Saturday mornings are for. I just rolled on over so they could join us in bed and soon I was rolling over again for Whitman to come in and realized that Robby had rolled on to the floor or had already gotten up. 
  • I later found him on the treadmill after my walk through the house. I opened blinds, turned off the kids fans, emptied the dishwasher and put toothpaste on the toothbrushes. I did run into Anderson who was just walking down the stairs which proves that he might just sleep later if Graham wasn't his roommie.
  • Now Graham woke up at Nonna's house and spend the morning working her garage sale and playing with the neighbor. He had fun and when Pops asked him when he wanted to go home, he said, "in 10 years." He missed his momma though-or at least I would like to think so.
  • Back to our house and as I was tiptoeing in the girls' room, since I didn't want to wake up Reagan, she rolled over and told me that she was awake. She was watching a show on her ipad. I told her that it smelled like bacon in her room and as I went sniffing around she suggested that maybe it was her cereal. Sure enough, her Honey Nut Cheerios did smell like bacon. 
  • I rewrote out my grocery list and then ended up typing it out because I had filled my paper and things had gotten cluttered. Soon I was headed out the door for a morning of shopping-Kroger, then to Walmart to look for cleats (none there) and to Sams to pick up Whitman's cupcakes. I picked up his cupcakes and they were just red and blue-no Spiderman. I asked and the large note on the paper said to call me since they were out of Spiderman rings. Argh! Not really a huge deal but crazy frustrating. I will have to put my graphic designer on it tonight or tomorrow early.
  • Back at the house, the girls went to the neighbors house and did a bit of baking. The boys played outside-Anderson with the neighbors and Whitman in the mud since Robby had a fire and hose out.
  • After my shopping, I scurried home and unloaded and unloaded and unloaded groceries. The kids were all down the road and Robby was busy working in the yard so I had to do it all and gracious me, I don't think that I have ever unloaded all of the groceries by myself. By the time I had everything put away, I called Keaton and Campbell in.
  • They quickly showered and then we were on the way to Hayley's birthday party. It was a tea party and they had bracelets, necklaces and hats for the girls to wear during their tea party-it was the cutest thing ever. My Keaton was all into it but my Campbell just wanted to get on the swings and slide!
  • Afterwards, we ran into the Dollar Store to buy a few things for Whitman's party and then met Robby and everyone else. We all headed to Chuck E Cheese for supper-partly for Whitman's birthday celebration and partly for a mystery shop. The kids had a blast-and let me tell you, my Graham gets so excited. More excited than any other Dennie though Whitman really enjoyed it. 
  • My Campbell did have a bit of a problem-she had climbed up into the tubes and was going to go down the slide. A girl there wouldn't let Campbell slide down because she was the wrong color. Well, Campbell would have none of that so she went down the other way and then told that girl's mother. I wasn't around for any of this but good for Campbell and none of this seemed to bother her at all. 
  • When we had our pizza, we gobbled it up. Then we sang Happy Birthday to W with a little dessert pizza. The kids so enjoyed playing the games and winning tickets. We ended up with nearly 600 tickets so everyone was able to walk out with something. For some reason, I wasn't thinking and did let Whitman get a whistle and Anderson get a noise maker.
  • Then it was back towards the house. First Robby dropped me and Anderson off at his car and we headed to Walmart. We found cleats for him and then he really, really wanted to find Whitman a birthday present. Thankfully, we lucked right into a Spiderman gadget without much searching.
  • Once home, everyone showered and then it was bedtime for the crew. I worked on tomorrow's party in the kitchen a bit before we finally sat down in the living to watch the end of the basketball game.

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