April 4, 2017

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  • Robby had to wake up everyone but Graham this morning. Each night lately the kids stay outside until dark so they only have time to shower and eat before heading to bed. Every time this happens, they are not pleased about this but they must need to go to bed since they are sleeping as late as they can (except for Graham-he has some odd internal time clock.)
  • We were in a hurry this morning to get Keaton and Whitman off to school this morning. We didn't want Whitman to miss the songs since they were going to sing Happy Birthday to him. He even held the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. He topped all of that off with cupcakes for his snack today.
  • Grannymom picked up Keaton and Whitman. Each time that Keaton goes to Grannymom's house she wants to have a craft-today they made 4 Easter bunnies as their craft. All of their whiskers were off by the time they hopped back to our house but I was able to glue them on.
  • We did school here this morning and I even had time to work on garage sale stuff before we worked together for a bit. The boys played a game before lunch and then we all worked on chores.
  • Today Reagan knew that we were going to do some more work on their clothes so she went upstairs and got started before I headed up there. Not only did she get started-she did it all. She went through her hanging clothes, underwear and pajama drawers, cleaned out her shirt and pants drawers and added the new clothes. Wow! I love seeing the kids grow up and start doing things on their own.
  • Campbell still needed quite a bit of help going through her clothes but we did most of it today and only have a bit more to do tomorrow. She so tickled me yesterday trying on clothes. At first she was so excited about it but since she just about has to try on everything, she soon was tired of working. She tried to convince me to not go through the last bin of clothes saying that she had plenty but each time we found her a new piece of clothing, she become so excited.
  • Today she was ready to finish as well because soon the kids were outside playing with the neighbors. They stayed outside until after 8 again tonight. I did have to steal Reagan away so she could go with me this afternoon.
  • We drove to Nonna's house to pick up a few tables and then to Grannymom's to pick up Keaton and Whitman. Then we made it to Dana's to drop off the tables and my car load of garage sale items. I had my kids and even the neighbors help load up the car-it is nice to have a gaggle of kids hanging out in the yard. I am learning to use them to my advantage.
  • Reagan did convince me to take her to Sonic before Happy Hour was over. After we did unload our garage sale stuff, we headed home. The girls went down the road to bake at the neighbor's house and the boys went with the neighbor boys down the road to go fishing for a bit-they didn't catch anything.
  • Robby and I were able to do a bit of work in the yard before we finally headed in for supper. I made chicken enchilada pasta and even though I added an extra an of rotel and it was very spicey, the kids seemed to eat it up. As soon as supper was over, Reagan said her Gettysburg Address and Anderson tried but needs a day or two more before getting his. 
  • Then it was bedtime for all! Tomorrow is another busy day.

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