April 30, 2017

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  • The girls and Whitman all slept well and no one really stirred until around 7:30 this morning. They came downstairs and played on their ipads until Robby had made breakfast. He had some cinnamon rolls and they ate and ate. My girls said that they were the best cinnamon rolls ever-that may be a bit of an exaggeration.
  • After eating, everyone combed their hair and brushed their teeth and soon it was time to load up for church. The girls talked the entire way to church but when we were almost there they did notice the high water from last night's rainstorms.
  • Reagan came to church with Alyssa Kate this morning and Anderson and Graham came with Noah. They had all had good times at their sleepovers. Reagan went to a birthday party with the Heltz' but I did never hear what she had to eat. The boys had homemade pizza last night, played games and had biscuits this morning before church.
  • After church, we ate lunch at Grannymom's house. She had taco salad, brownies and key lime pie. Grannymom even had a wrapped present for Whitman's bear-bear's birthday was a few days ago.  Once we did make it home this afternoon, bear, Whitman and I cuddled in mybed and read his new book.
  •  Reagan wasn't with us this afternoon because she went home with Kennedy so she could go with her to Kennedy's dance recital. She also had Mexican food for lunch and even had a few snacks while watching the recital.
  • I had a good long nap this afternoon because I do believe that I am getting Robby's cold. I even some had fever this afternoon but am feeling much better now. Around 5, I left to run a few errands and to pick up Reagan.
  • When I left the house was a total wreck but by the time I came home, Robby had cleaned everything up, laundry was folded and things were in order again. He heated up a pizza for the kids supper and then we had ice cream truck.
  • After ice cream, the kids watched a few movies while I worked on this week's list and Robby did a few things and then it was bedtime for everyone. Tomorrow is a big day-zoo day for Keaton's class.

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