April 27, 2017

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  • First day back to reality after a trip is always pretty tough and today was no different! The boys were already awake this morning and by 7:15, Graham had already finished most of his school work.
  • I had to wake everyone else up but having cinnamon rolls from Ikea did help a bit with their morning cheer. Soon Keaton and Whitman were loaded up in Robby's car and headed off to school.
  • They didn't know it but they were headed for a really fun day. They spent all day long in the new part of the playground. I am not really sure what all they did but I did hear that there was water, plastic ducks, and sand. They even ate their snacks outside.
  • We did school here and things went fairly smoothly. Campbell was distracted as usual, Graham was finished early and bored, Reagan spent her time distracting her brother and sister and Anderson was steady but slow. All of this is par for the course especially for a Monday morning (I know it isn't really a Monday but it was our first day of school this week.)
  • Robby brought the littles home from school just as we had finished up our school work. I was able to make some lunch for everyone and then I helped Robby with a quick project for a bit. 
  • The kids started watching a movie and I tried to get on the treadmill. After having to stop 8 times in 30 minutes I decided that it just wasn't worth it today. Whitman came up three times, Keaton twice, Reagan once, Campbell once and one time I even stopped because I heard all sorts of commotion in the garage and thought I better check it out. 
  • The neighbors came out so the kids all played outside until it was time for me to call them in for soccer. Tonight was picture day so the kids all donned their uniforms. They did a bit of practicing but most of their time was spent taking pictures. 
  • I stayed home with Whitman and usually during soccer practice he does his own thing and I am able to do my own thing. Not tonight, he needed my help constantly on whatever he was doing-playdoh, block towers, dot markers and on and on it went. 
  • When everyone else made it home, I had supper ready. The kids ate and then had showers. While they were showering, I headed out to officially celebrate Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Well, Candice did and suggested that we celebrate with cheese dip from El Porton.
  • By the time I made it back home, everyone was sound asleep resting up for tomorrow. 

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