April 17, 2107

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  • Unfortunately, we woke up to rain this morning which meant that Keaton's zoo day would have to be postponed. She was not too pleased about this fact but was happy to learn that she was still going to get to go to Nonna's house after school. 
  • Whitman didn't really care about what he was getting to do this morning-he just wanted a doughnut. One of his brothers or sisters did get him a doughnut and soon I had clothes on him and Keaton. Robby took them off to school and Nonna's house. There were only about 6 kiddos in Keaton's class today so I think she really enjoyed it.
  • At home, we started our morning only doing 1/2 of our school work since today was supposed to be a zoo day. After both of the boys continued to goof off and try their best to take the easy way out, I just decided that everyone would do the whole day's worth of work. Reagan had already finished her work and was just going to wait until tomorrow to check it with me and Campbell just had a bit left to do.
  • My boys though were not pleased at all about this change of plans. It was fine with me though because I had a bit more time while they worked to do my chores and now tomorrow, we will have most of the morning without school-more time for them to do chores. It is just a win-win! 
  • We did our together work and then everyone started on their chores for today. It wasn't much so they were soon playing on their ipads. They bounced inside and outside for some of the afternoon-playing outside but also waiting on the neighbors to come out to play.
  • Nonna brought Keaton and Whitman home. Keaton had made a holder for her Easter candy and the only thing that Whitman could think about was building a marble track. She filled her Easter holder with candy and I built him a marble track. 
  • At some point later in the afternoon, I politely kicked everyone out-there are been too much tattling. Surprisingly, everyone stayed outside until the neighbors finally came out. Then the crew played and played.
  • Quite a bit of their time was watching the happenings at the skinny window house. There was a house showing and the real estate man had to jump the ladies car. As he was pulling up to do this, he ran over a spike in the driveway and popped his tire. Apparently, this was so loud that it scared the kids. When he got out, he said that he "ran over a peg"-my kids heard "ran over an egg" and they were near panic until someone figured out that he said peg!
  • When it started raining pretty good the boys came on home. It was raining much harder and was quite a bit later when Robby called the girls home. Reagan said that they were dry before they had to come home but did get soaked on the way home. That possibly was true for her but Campbell was soaked from head to toe-she probably had been rolling in puddles somewhere.
  • The kids all had showers and then we ate supper. We again had Shannon's chili but this time we did have to do a little modification since we didn't have any chili beans-it was between black beans and pork n beans. We picked the pork n beans and it was decent enough to kill hunger. 
  • After supper, the kids finished off Nonna's bunny cake from yesterday. Earlier in the day, Whitman was in the kitchen and stuck his hand to the cake pan. He purposefully grabbed some coconut which was dyed green like grass on the edges of the cake. He put it in his mouth and then asked me, "is this food?" I assured him that it was but he must have disagreed because he quickly spit it all out!
  • The kids helped with a few chores and practiced their poems while we cleaned the kitchen. Then everyone watched a Bates before bedtime!

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