April 29, 2017

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  • Our rain dance didn't really work-at least this morning. We were a bit disappointed that we couldn't stay in our bed just a bit longer but the kids were not disappointed at all. We were soon passing out breakfast and figuring out which color everyone was.
  • The weather was crazy windy all morning long. The gusts would come in spurts but if you weren't sitting in your lawnchair then you had to hold it down or the wind would blow it on down. Trash cans blew over, a speaker blew down, coach's papers flew through the air, Campbell's team's popcorn snack looked like snow blowing in the wind. It was all quite a sight.
  • Keaton's game was first and they did great-even winning. Keaton didn't score a goal but she was pretty vicious out there today. Campbell scored her first goal today and her team won their game. Anderson scored for his team and Graham hustled hard but again their little team lost. Reagan's team was actually behind for a bit today but soon they were ahead and won.
  • During the game, we passed our time with watching the weather on our phones, eating peanut butter and crackers and getting sunburned despite the super cloudy sky.
  • When the games were over, we hurried home and threw everyone in the shower. The boys and Reagan packed and soon I was back in the car again. Whitman stayed in the car while everyone showered and packed-Robby unloaded the car and did a bit of work near the car while waiting on him to wake up. Whitman never did wake up so he snoozed on as we drove to drop Reagan off at Alyssa Kate's house. Then we dropped off the boys at Noah's house and picked up Eden and Lily.
  • We had a house full of girls this afternoon and they played some while waiting on our cookies to cool off. Once the cookies were cool, the girls beautifully decorated at least 3 dozen cookies. Then they had a bit longer to play before we loaded up for the Wilson's house.
  • Shannon had supper and we all ate. After eating, the girls and Whitman watched a movie and then played a few games. We stayed until almost 10 and then came home. I had everyone put on their pjs and soon they were all bedded down. I do believe that they were pretty tired!

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