April 28, 2017

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  • Friday mornings are the only day that we really don't have to get up for Bible study or preschool, but we still have school to complete. I wasn't too excited about getting things started this morning! The boys and Campbell were already awake this morning. 
  • I was careful to quietly close Whitman's door and sneak in to wake Reagan up so she could begin her school. By the time that I could walk back down the stairs, Whitman came out of his room holding his teddy bear. His first words were, "It's bear's birthday." So before I could even find my breakfast (which I don't believe that I even ate this morning) I was singing Happy Birthday to a bear and wrapping "presents" up in blankets.
  • Everyone had their breakfast and then started on their school. I think that this was one of the calmest Fridays we have had in a while. Keaton and Whitman stayed busy playing with a ball, laundry basket and pillows. Around 10, we worked together-trying to finish science and nearing the end of history. I did discover today that Reagan is woefully behind on her writing book. This is all my fault since I tell her exactly what page numbers to do each day. It looks like it will take her all summer to finish this-Eeek!
  • At noon, everyone had finished school, dressed and eaten lunch. We all loaded up so they could play at Candice's house while I went to a funeral. Afterwards, I came to pick up my crew and they certainly did not want to leave.
  • We then drove to Grannymom's house to eat a bit of supper-at 3. Robby ordered a pizza and we devoured it like we had not had lunch. After playing for a bit, we headed home.
  • Robby ran to Walgreens to pick up pictures so when he came home, we worked on sorting pictures until the Wilsons came over. They had not eaten supper so we all loaded up for Salem Dairy Bar.
  • My crew ordered milkshakes. Robby and I shared a milkshake but we also shared a hamburger-remember I had missed breakfast so I thought that I would make up for it with two suppers. On the way home, Tony picked up some ice cream so we did have another dessert back at the house.
  • The kids played while we talked and after 10 the Wilsons left, so Robby and I put the kids to bed and then began our rain dance for the morning's soccer games (don't think it is going to work but it was worth a try!)

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