April 5, 2017

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  • Early this morning the trashes were being emptied, lunches were being made, dishes were being emptied and breakfast was being made and eaten. All of Wednesdays are busy but the mornings are the worst.
  • When we arrived at Bible study this morning the kids were so intent on listening to our book on tape that no one jumped out of the car. It is a good thing too since we are on disc 2 of 15 discs. We have lots of listening to do and I am afraid that our book will be due soon!
  • The little 3 all made donkeys out of pool noodles today in Bible study. It was a pretty cute craft but they have already been used as everything (swords, guns, javelins) except for a donkey like intended.
  • We went to Rock Creek with our buddies after Bible study. There were lots and lots of little people there-so many that my boys asked to eat first thing so they didn't have to play around with all of those little people. 
  • When we came home, the kids all went outside for a bit. The girls ended up down the street finishing their baking from yesterday and the boys ended up down here playing outside and in the house. 
  • Whitman watched a movie and then he soon fell asleep. I really wanted to go and curl up beside him and take a bit of a nap too but opted to work on supper for the kids. I fried some Spam, made some mac and cheese and heated up a can of carrots-oddly enough my kids thought this was the best meal ever and I had nothing at all leftover.
  • Soon we were back in the car zooming down the road to church. It seemed like we weren't there that long since it was still light out when we left tonight. Once at home, the kids had showers. Then they had cookies for a snack-the girls brought home some of what they had baked down the road. After brushing teeth, it was bedtime for my crew!

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