April 8, 2017

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  • It is like we are on vacation around here-staying up late and getting up early. This was our second morning to wake up early and everyone did even better today. Maybe tomorrow will go very smoothly since we need to be at church a bit earlier than usual.
  • Today was the first soccer games for everyone except Whitman. He is counting down the days until next year when he can play...well, really he could care less about playing right now. He will need a lot of work before he is soccer ready.
  • But my Keaton is already soccer ready. She was the first Dennie to play. Robby is her coach and bless, they have an interesting team. I am pretty sure that they did not win but the game was at least decent. My Keaton reminded me of a little Reagan. She was all over the field running as fast as she could. Keaton was the defensive star of her game. 
  • Next was Campbell's game. I am not sure if they won or lost-it was a pretty close game and that seems so very long ago. As surprised as I was about how great Keaton did, I was that surprised when watching Campbell. I have never seen that child run like she did. She was also super at defense in her game.
  • By this time in the day, I decided that I should put some sunscreen on people. I did a bit on their noses and now realize that wasn't near enough. Tonight, it is evident that everyone is pretty fried. 
  • The boys games were next. Graham has a sore leg and his limp progressively became worse the closer it was to his game. I am sure that he is hurt but now really? It is odd though since when he walks around the house he is practically dragging his leg but he didn't seem to have any trouble running around the yard all afternoon. 
  • Anyway, back to their game-during the game, Graham was limping some but that didn't stop him from running all over the field. Both boys did great and I am pretty sure that they won their game. Anderson did score but both boys really did great. They didn't do as much hustling around the field as their sisters did but they were still pretty awesome.
  • And the last game of the day was Reagan's at 1. That child scored 4 of her team's 6 goals. Truthfully, Reagan could have defeated the other team if she was the only girl out on the field. She loves her some soccer.
  • We loaded up after the game and came home to eat some leftover pizza. We had snacked pretty much the entire games so we weren't starving. Then we all headed outside-some of us did some work and some of us played with the neighbors.
  • Robby and I moved about a thousand pounds of leaves. When we had finished our pile, we knew we needed to pick up sticks. Hmm, if we only had some more man power-like those 10 kids playing in the yard. He hollered at the kids they could have ice cream after picking up 25 sticks and man, they went to work. They picked up more sticks than Robby and I would have. The load was so heavy that we both had to carry it to the burn pile.
  • Robby and I came in-he showered and I sat down to do the laundry. When we had just sat down after finishing, the kids started coming inside. They rotated through the showers and then I fed them a snacky supper.
  • Next up we watched a few tv shows before sending everyone to bed. We told them that they could read after the Bible story. Graham was asleep before it was lights out. Whitman wasn't too happy when Anderson had to turn out the lights. He said that it was too dark in his room but I reminded him that it would be much darker in the shed out back.

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