Ark Adventure-April 25, 2017

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We did have plans to go to bed pretty early last night and the kids did. Robby was just about to lay down when he had to get up and do a bit more work before he finally turned in. We all slept very well and at some point in the middle of the night, I woke up with Whitman in bed with us. I am not sure when he climbed in bed with us but I am just thankful that I didn’t knock him off in the middle of the night.

Everyone started stirring around 7 and started getting ready. I was the last one to get ready this morning but still finished in time to take the first crew to breakfast. The breakfast today was pretty much the same as yesterday’s breakfast so it was also a winner.

After loading up the van, we headed towards the Ark. We had a 45 minute drive before we arrived. The parking lot was a little busy and the line to board the bus was a bit confusing, but we didn’t have to wait too long before loading up on the bus.

While we were on the bus, we could catch glimpses of the ark. It was indeed pretty impressive. Once we left the bus, we took a few pictures outside the ark and then went towards the entrance.

From the looks of the queues, it would seem that the ark has lots of visitors occasionally. It was very crowded today but not nearly as crowded as they are prepared for. The inside of the ark was just as impressive as the outside.

There were two really neat movies that we watched along with an area about where Noah an his family lived during their time on the ark.  The place was pretty crowded and the Creation Museum was our favorite but stopping at the Ark was still worthwhile.

Walking through the massive boat was pretty overwhelming. It is hard to imagine Noah, his 3 sons and their wives being able to build the ark. They probably did hire out some help but still anything that massive, that long ago. Not only the size, but the thought that had to go into the ark-how to feed the animals, store water, repair cages and all of the things that would need to happen on the boat for so long. Pretty wild to think about.

After we disembarked, we headed to the gift shop-Robby bought the kids some candy and then it was to the petting zoo. My favorite memory of the day was when we were in the petting area. We were petting goats and Whitman was right between 3 of them. I was looking away but out of the corner of my eye I did catch Whitman hurrying out of the way. Then I heard him shout, “it pooped!” Yep, that goat pooped right on top of his shoes!

He didn’t stick around the goat section much longer and soon we were headed to the car. We drove just a few miles and found a little park for a picnic. The kids enjoyed playing in the park and I enjoyed eating my sandwich. At the park, Whitman told me that sometimes I get angry and sometimes Daddy gets angry. I asked him why Momma got angry and he said, "cause we un-bey you." Yep, that would be the reason!

After a bit of playtime, we were back in the car. We had about 45 minutes to drive before stopping. We found a neat ice cream stop, Crank and Boom in Lexington. It was a really neat place-so neat that everyone had 2 scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone. Whitman was asleep so he did miss out and Keaton couldn’t pick what ice cream she wanted so she ended up wiht a huge piece of cake. We did have to take out a small loan to pay for this dessert but it was well worth it-we just won’t eat supper tonight!

Afterwards, Robby ran to Walgreens to pick him up some medicine. He must have Graham’s cold and has himself a stuffy head. When he climbed back in the car, I decided I better run back into the store to pick up some candy for the kids-gotta keep them happy!

Then we were back on the road and were headed home-saddest part of a trip! We turned on a movie to pass the time and were soon crossing over back into Central Time Zone. On the Kentucky border, we found an eating place in Louisville-Double Dogs.

We ordered cheese dip and it came with some great pico de gallo which Robby and I both gobbled up. We ordered the kids pizza and chicken fingers. Robby chose and burger which was too salty and I took the server’s recommendation and ordered buffalo chicken mac and cheese. I ordered it with the mild sauce but gracious me, if that was mild sauce I would hate to taste the regular sauce. Robby agreed that it was spicy but he split his burger with me and took home my leftovers. We really should have just split a meal especially since we had cheese dip as well.

From there, we only had another hour or less to our hotel. We drove right to it-after the GPS took us to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. We unloaded into our room and after putting on pjs, everyone had a drink before bed.

Then we found everyone a spot to sleep and it will soon be lights out.

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