April 15, 2017

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  • Robby and I were up earlier than usual and it didn't take him long to get both of his griddles fired up in the kitchen. He made sausage and pancakes for the kiddos (ours plus Brett and Cash.) By the time we had breakfast ready, the boys were already back outside playing. 
  • The boys played until we called them in to put on their uniforms. Soon the house was picked up and we were headed to soccer (game day 2). We didn't have to be there until 10 this morning so that was nice. I had hoped that an hour or two less sun would help. I also doubled up on the sunscreen (last week was none, this week was some) but I am still a bit pink and Anderson complained tonight about being red even though he doesn't really look burned at all.
  • Campbell and Keaton played at the same time. Poor Campbell's team, they just got smoked. Campbell had fun and during the last period she was on the bench. I heard her tell her coach that she was going to go and watch her sister play-that was really sweet-but I still encouraged her to stay and cheer on her team.
  • If Campbell would have seen her sister play, she would have seen Keaton do her absolute best today. She was also the first one out of the tunnel today and as she came running through the cheering parents, she did a cartwheel! Cutest thing ever. Keaton told me that she scored 3 goals-not absolutely sure on that but she did at least get 2 her coach (Robby) said. 
  • Next game was the boys game. They did fine but seemed to be playing in half of the speed that they played last week. I believe that they still won the game but they didn't care about that, they were just thrilled that Cash was there to see their game.
  • Finally, it was Reagan's turn to play. Her team was all there today so she did play less but she didn't mind because she was running hard. Reagan didn't score this time but she did run herself ragged chasing after the ball. 
  • As soon as the game was over, the kids helped pick up the flags around the fields. Then we headed home and started to work. After unpacking the car, the kids changed while we emptied the dishwasher and made lunch. Once lunch we finished, we pulled out the eggs and everyone started to work. It wasn't too messy but I do wonder why we have never done our eggs outside. Reagan took the most time on her eggs, Whitman was the messiest, Graham was finished first, Anderson was the most methodical, Campbell could have done it all day and Keaton probably had the most fun.
  • The kids headed outside for a bit along with Robby who spent the rest of the afternoon/evening working on the yard. I spent the rest of my day in the kitchen and we both worked until after 6. I then started showers with the kids and afterwards, we made Resurrection rolls. Then Robby did the Resurrection eggs with the kids before heading to the grocery store. I finished cleaning while the kids watched one movie before going to bed. Graham was exhausted tonight but he was also complaining of his ear hurting-I gave him some ear drops and hopefully he will sleep well tonight.
  • Robby soon arrived back with groceries and supper for us. Afterwards, we got a few things ready for Sunday school and then I stuffed a few more dozen eggs as we watched a show or two.. 

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