Ark Adventure-April 24, 2017

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We stirred a little bit this morning around 3 with Graham coughing. I got up to give him some water and then he soon went back to sleep quietly. Around 8, Anderson woke us up to tell us the time. We did soon get up but Robby told him that we had a bit more time to sleep and even though our picture this morning of us leaving said 10:00, it was really 9 Central Time so we were still pleased.

Today's breakfast will probably be the winner of the trip. Surprisingly though, the kids didn't eat as much as they did the day before. We still did leave with our bellies full and everyone was happy (me especially, since they had granola.)

Now, we only had a 5 minute drive to the Creation Museum but we somehow ended up going the wrong way leading us out of Indiana and into Ohio and back through Indiana and then finally into Kentucky. Whitman had been looking for dinosaurs and was pretty thrilled to see dinosaurs on the front gate of the Creation Museum.

The museum was very impressive. Our fist stop was a movie with a few special effects. Then we watched a show in the planetarium. The planetarium show was pretty neat and it showed us how vast our universe is. 

Next up was a walk through the museum part. This museum basically explains how the world began roughly 6000 years ago just as the Bible says and not millions or billions of years ago as current science suggest. It did a good job of demonstrating how your view on God's word affects your belief on creation. The museum had lots of reading but also showed lots of science to back up young earth creationism.

After we walked through the exhibits, we smelled the most delicious smell ever-warm fudge. Of course we had to stop and pick some up. We enjoyed most of our fudge and then walked through another area with tons of insect collections. Then it was back upstairs for another special effects movie.

We had almost finished but there were beautiful gardens out back that we walked through. There was a petting zoo, hanging bridge and floating bridge. We could have taken a lot of pictures in the gardens but wanted to hurry to watch a show back inside the museum. It was a singing, scientist, dinosaur creator, guitar playing man. He put on a little show and it was pretty good but it was nearing 4 and we had only eaten our hotel breakfast and fudge so we were hungry.

We snuck out and left the museum and drove towards our next stop-supper! Blue Ash Chili in Blue Ash, Ohio was high on everyone's agenda. The kids remembered it from last year and they could not wait to return. I do believe that cups and cups of cheese were calling their name. Robby thought he ordered them all hot dogs with cheese but he ended up ordering chili dogs with cheese. No one looked too excited but every single one of them were devoured and Robby had to buy 4 more for everyone. Keaton told us that next time we have hot dogs at home she wants chili on hers. 

Robby had a 5 way-spaghetti, chili, beans, cheese and fried jalapenos and I ate a lizard-a fried pickle in a hot dog bun covered with cheese and chili. All of our food was perfectly delicious. Next time we go maybe we can order the No Freakin Way which is 2.5 pounds of spaghetti, 2.5 pounds of chili, 2 pounds of cheese and a cup of fried jalapenos. The kids will be a bit older and will be able to help us devour the large meal.

From there, we were just a few minutes drive to our hotel. We checked in and then after we organized a few things, the kids put on their bathing suits and they went swimming. They had fun and everyone but Whitman and Graham swam the whole hour allotted to swim. The chlorine must have been pretty strong because everyone would climb out of the pool occasionally to wipe their eyes. Graham's eyes were really bothering him so he was ready to take a shower before the others. I had to eventually put drops in Anderson's eyes which he said hurt worse (I doubled checked and it was not the ear ache drops this time.) I did even hold Whitman down and managed to get drops in one of his eyes but it wasn't worth the effort to do his other eye.

After swimming, everyone showered. We had planned on doing laundry but there wasn't any there so instead we had a drink and finished off the fudge from this morning. After a bit of tv watching, the kids bedded down. Currently, the tv is still on but the plan is to have lights out at 9 (it is already 9:10 though). Tomorrow will be an early day-don't want the Ark to leave without us.

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