April 14, 2017

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  • Reagan woke us up at 2:30 saying that Keaton didn't feel well. By the time I made it upstairs she was crying huddled over the potty. I sat by her for a long time and asked if she wanted to go downstairs. She looked at me and barked "let me throw up and then we can go to your room." Soon afterwards she did and we were headed downstairs. I made her a pallet and soon we were sleeping all night long. (This is her third time this year to get sick-each time we have eaten around 8. Those times she had eaten a breakfast burrito, Arbys and McDonalds....in case you were wondering.)
  • When she did wake up this morning she was quick to ask for her ipad but was soon running around the house. We started on school work today. Campbell and Keaton sat beside each other and worked together on everything they did. Whitman found a spot under the table and spent most of the morning on Robby's ipad watching a movie or two or possibly three-yep, I didn't win mom of the year this morning with him!
  • By 11, Keaton and I had finished her clothes switcheroo and Graham, the girls and I had made energy bars from a recipe he found in his school work. I think everyone's school was finished by 11 so we worked together and then started on chores and lunch.
  • My crew gobbled down their lunch and flew through chores because the big event of the morning was about to take place-cookie decorating. Everyone was huddled around the mixture when I heard screaming. I couldn't make it out at first but then I realized Campbell was screaming, "my hair! my hair!" Thankfully, Reagan was there and turned off the mixture before I made it to yank the plug out of the wall. 
  • A good piece of her hair was wrapped securely around the top of the beater. I was able to move the icing bowl out of the way before hair got in it. Then I grabbed my scissors while trying to figure out what to do-it would have been a huge chunk of her hair...enough that we would have had to go and get her a short hair cut. She was near hysterics but was better than I probably would have been. I was able to take the beater off and turn the mixer backwards and slowly unwrap her hair. By this time, my hands and her hair was covered in icing-she was a bit shaken up but headed on to the showers. That could have been much worse but my, we will laugh about it for years.
  • She was soon back in the kitchen having me put up her wet hair in a ponytail. Later I looked up and saw that Reagan's hair was all in a bun on top of her head-she wasn't taking any chances. We dyed the icing pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and had white. The kids loved decorating the cookies. Everyone got into it and their cookies all looked pretty good. Even Whitman did pretty well. When we had finished the cookies, the kids helped clean the kitchen which was wonderful.
  • As I was sweeping after the kitchen was clean, I looked at the clock and saw that it was not yet 2. My gracious, I already felt like I had worked all day long. I soon ended up on the couch with the intent of getting on the treadmill after a 20 minute power nap. The power nap happened but the treadmill didn't. 
  • I eventually had a shower while the kids were playing outside and then I started on supper. The kids played and played outside. I just love seeing them out playing. Reagan did come in as I was cooking. I asked her if she wanted to help and she agreed. She made the sausage cornbread and a chocolate cake. I was her sous chef-getting out ingredients and cleaning up after her. It was kind of nice.
  • Around 6, the Wilson's showed up. The kids were still outside so Brett and Layne joined them. Robby had brought Cash home a bit earlier so he was here to. After a while, the grownups decided to eat. We watched the Hogs baseball game as we ate in the living room.
  • The kids migrated in eventually and ate. Then they watched a movie while we had Reagan's chocolate cake. The boys ended up back outside playing basketball. At one point, Campbell passed out our Easter cookies to everyone.
  • The Wilsons left and left Brett here to spend the night. We let the boys stay outside playing basketball while we picked up the house and put Whitman to bed. As soon as we brought the boys in, I handed out toothbrushes to everyone and we made them lay down! 
  • Currently, it sounds like everyone is asleep-my I hope so!

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