April 19, 2017

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  • My boys were all awake this morning and playing on their ipads when I walked through the house this morning. I am always surprised at why all 3 of them would wake up at exactly 7. It must mean that someone is very noisy when they wake up.
  • Soon I wake up everyone and they all started stirring. This morning as they were getting dressed, Robby did their trash emptying chore for them. That did give them a bit more time to put away their laundry since we had folded it last night.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham all had Wednesday morning bagels this morning. I love that but it just reminds me that I need to get back in a schedule for our breakfasts..and probably lunches too...and wouldn't it be nice to have some type of schedule for supper like Mexican Mondays and Leftover Wednesdays. I will get there eventually.
  • Bible study was good as usual and all of my babies brought money for Bibles and Bible study books to be bought for Rwanda. My big kids all brought 4 or 5 dollars each and my littles all brought a bag full of change. Whitman told his teachers that it was for Bibles and Keaton told her teacher that the money was for "Wanda."
  • Apparently, Whitman didn't listen very well in his class. He ended up sitting down while his classmates played on the playground today. I would have never have known this except he has two big sisters that were very concerned about his behavior. I asked his teacher and she was as sweet as she could be-even said that he really, really wanted to obey but just had a hard time today.
  • We then headed to the park to play. The weather was perfect today and then kids enjoyed played. We let everyone play until all of the moms were too tired to stay any longer so we all loaded up and came home. 
  • The kids helped me unload the car (after much prompting) and then started watching their movies. I was about to go to the treadmill when the window guys showed up to replace our two windows. The kids played basketball for the longest while they worked on getting the window out. But once it was out, I herded everyone around to the back yard so they would be far away from all of the glass coming in and going out of the house. When Whitman saw the men and I told him what they were doing, he said, "Daddy will be so excited."
  • They were finishing up the windows when it was time for me to call the kids in to eat. By this time, Graham was already inside-he wasn't feeling too well. He felt pretty hot but had been running around outside. Now, he also had a crazy cough and has been acting a bit puny. I offered for him to stay home and even though he was going to miss shopping and saying his verse, he picked staying home.
  • After we ate, we loaded up and I told Graham that the rest of us were leaving. He asked, "Is Daddy not home?" I listed everything he needed to know and showed him where Robby was on his drive home (crossing into LR.) 
  • As the rest of us were at church, Graham was snoozing on the couch. He did wake up in time to briefly talk to Grannymom and Grandpa, who had come to help Robby with his lawnmower. When we made it home, we had some cookies and Graham had some medicine before bedtime for everyone. 

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