April 3, 2017

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  • The boys were the only ones awake this morning. I went upstairs to wake up Keaton and she was pretty out until I told her that I had to go and wake up Whitman next. She shot out of bed and ran down the hallway and climbed in bed with her brother. I had to drag them both downstairs and soon they were putting on their clothes.
  • Robby took them to school this morning and then came back home. When he walked back in the house this morning, I was a bit confused about who was coming in. I am not yet familiar with his new schedule.
  • The rest of us started on our school work after they toasted some cinnamon bread. I thought that one loaf would last for a few days but I was wrong-they went through it like it was the best thing ever...and it might have been the best thing ever, I don't know because I didn't even get any.
  • Graham zoomed through his work today and then spend the rest of the afternoon playing basketball and working on his basketball/baseball/football cards. Campbell was a bit distracted this morning-especially when she heard Graham and I stuffing Easter eggs in my closet. She quickly joined us.
  • We all worked together and then the girls and I headed upstairs. We worked a bit before lunch and then continued afterwards. This weeks project is switching Reagan and Campbell's winter clothes to summer clothes. Reagan used to have many, many bins to go through each time and Campbell only had a few-now it is reversed. Reagan barely had any clothes to look through and Campbell was the one with more than she needs. I am sure that I might have to pick up a few things for both of them-especially since Reagan doesn't have anything dressy at all. Tomorrow we clean out their current drawers-it seems to be a never ending process.
  • Keaton and Whitman came home and had both had a good day. Whitman headed right into the living room to see if his new birthday toys were still there-they were. He played with his stamps, painted with his dot markers, read his All About me Book with Keaton and played Legos with Campbell.
  • The kids migrated outside around 3 or 4 and were out until 8:30 when we finally called them in. Robby started working on the yard while I was on the treadmill so I reluctantly joined him when I had finished. We were able to do leaves in another section of the yard-we possibly can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • When the kids did come in tonight, we already had supper ready and they ate in shifts as they alternated between the showers. We let them watch about 5 minutes of the basketball game before sending them all to bed-it was pretty late and I think they were tired from being outside all day long.

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