April 2, 2017-Happy 4th Birthday Whitman!

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  • We woke up this morning to the sounds of the kids telling Whitman all about his birthday and his birthday party. He was pretty excited about his birthday but so were his brothers and sisters. 
  • Robby soon had the oven on and we were all getting ready for church. When the cinnamon rolls were ready, we all sat down to sing to our Whitman. I think he likes the attention of his birthday but he also liked assigning the kids jobs to do to prepare for his party.
  • Church was uneventful for all of us except Robby. He was wearing a fancy new belt for the first time. It looked nice and worked well until he needed to go to the restroom. After standing in the stall for a good while trying to unbuckle his belt and only making it tighter, he tried to google how to unbuckle his belt. A video popped up and imagine the man's surprise in the next stall upon hearing a video playing about how to unbuckle a belt. Thankfully, he was able to figure out his belt and went on about his business.
  • We then came home to start working on our party preparations. This was our last year for an easy family birthday party for Whitman. He even asked about his friends coming to his party this year but we kept telling him that he had plenty of friends-thankfully, he still considers his siblings and cousins as friends.
  • We all did laundry and then we ate a quick bit of leftover pizza, then I passed out chores to the kids as Robby worked in the yard. He came in about the same time that I had finished my chores. I ended up quietly sneaking upstairs for a little nap-the thunder and rain this afternoon were absolutely perfect for a nap. 
  • When I came downstairs later, Whitman was in a chair watching a movie and Keaton was curled up beside him sound asleep. It wasn't too much longer though before all of our party guests were here-Grannymom and Grandpa, Nonna and Pops, Jason, Dana, Lilly and Cash. 
  • We ate BBQ and all of the fixings and then we started on the games. Campbell and Keaton helped me make the first game and everyone enjoyed it-throwing the bean bag on the spider web. 
  • Then we moved on to Anderson's game-crawling through a maze of spider webs. Everyone enjoyed crawling through the webs. Anderson was probably the best at it, Campbell and Keaton shimmied through on their bellys, Reagan was careful but bless Graham, he is like a bull in a china shop.
  • Then it was time for cupcakes. We had chocolate dipped red and blue pretzels and red and blue chocolate popcorn. Whitman loved his Spiderman cupcakes and delighted being sung to one more time. 
  • After we made him wait as long as we could, we finally let him open his presents. Every single gift that he opened he would say, "my very own _______." It was like he never had anything of his own. He racked up with legos, a golf club set, art supplies, books and gifts from his brothers and sisters-a homemade book, a hat, a dollar bill, a Spiderman wash cloth, and a Spiderman grabber. 
  • We capped off the evening with some silly string spider webs outside before all of the fam headed off. The kids showered and then watched a bit of tv before heading to bed. I think my crew was pretty tired from all of the partying that we have done today.

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