April 21, 2017

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  • We might possibly could have slept in today if I would have cancelled school and I did think hard about it but knew that probably wasn't too wise. (I still need about 14 full school days this year to finish everything before we move to a summer schedule.) Keaton was the only one still asleep as I herded everyone to find their breakfast.
  • I told Whitman that it was time to do his school and he quickly found a puzzle that I had laid out for him so he worked that and then practiced his letters with Reagan while he ate. After that he did another puzzle with Campbell and then read some with Reagan, Anderson and finally Campbell. He did more schooling than everyone else!
  • I need to start on Keaton's reading book with her again after taking a break. I can't just get motivated thought. Today would have been a perfect day but she was so happily playing or listening to everyone read to Whitman. We will have to hit that hard this summer though but we will get it done!
  • I had two main goals today-load the car and cook supper. I had thought that it was going to rain most of the day so when I saw that it was starting to become cloudy around 10, we took a break from school and started packing. Reagan had to finish her packing and everyone else worked on cleaning and vacuuming out the car. Then we loaded the car amid the sprinkling and then pouring rain. The kids loved it but I was a bit disappointed to see the sun coming out minutes after we had finished.
  • We had spam and eggs for lunch. I just realized that I should have read them the book Green Eggs and Ham during our lunch. As I was frying up eggs, I laughed aloud wondering why I was cooking more eggs when I still have about a dozen boiled eggs in the fridge. The kids all enjoyed the spam as always and I do believe that my new pans made my egg frying much easier.
  • After we had our lunch, then it was chore time. My boys just wanted to play and not work today so after some redirecting they were soon back on track. (I explained that they would get to work or they would complete everything on the chore list.) It took a while but we did finally finish everything on my list and then I could get started on cooking supper.
  • The McGuires and Pennington's came over tonight. The kids spent most of their time here outside playing. They did come in briefly to eat our supper-sour cream enchiladas, chips, salsa, cheese dip, Mexican dip, corn dip, rice and beans. It was a pretty decent supper and we have plenty of leftovers. 
  • The kids even started watching a movie after we ate but did come around for ice cream and brownies for dessert. Robby did snatch the boys for a bit so he could trim their hair. Everyne stayed for a good while and when they left, my crew picked up, showered, and then headed to bed!Tomorrow will be a busy day!

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