May 31, 2017

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  • Our morning was pretty much normal around here. Campbell was the last one to wake up this morning and at 9:15, I thought that I had better wake her up soon. I didn't have to do that because she was soon awake.
  • By the time that she did wake up, everyone else were pretty much finished with their tasks for the morning. Campbell pretty much had to finish her chores/school after we made it home.
  • At 11, we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house. Reagan had her first orthodontist appointment at noon. It was just a consultation so we still may choose another guy but I was pleased with this one. And yes, Robby will now be working two jobs to pay for braces for all of these people!
  • When we left Nonna's house, we went to the library. My Reagan didn't want to get a book because she is in the middle of reading through the Bible. I made her and tonight as I tucked her in, she was trying to read one more page before I turned off the lights. 
  • Back at home this afternoon, the neighbors never came outside this afternoon so the kids also stayed in. Graham does bounce in and out most of the day. He rides his bike down the road, dribbles the ball and shoots some hoops and then comes back in over and over again.
  • I had potatoes and bbq ready when Robby came in tonight. We ate and then moved outside to eat warm chocolate chip muffins for our dessert. After Robby and I cleaned the kitchen, we all headed outside to do some work.
  • Robby and Graham burned while the others helped me rake the playground area. Whitman had only been outside just a bit when he managed to cover himself in dirt. All he wanted to do was take a shower but I held him off since we had just come outside. He has learned though that if you cover the mud with sand it will go away and that is what he spent the next 30 minutes putting sand all over himself.
  • When we had finished working, the kids had popsicles and I played a round of volleyball with them. We hung up a garden hose as our net-yep, we are classy like that! Campbell even caught a few lightening bugs before we headed in for showers and bed.
  • As Campbell was inspecting her lightening bugs, she showed me two who were stuck together. She said that she tried to pull them apart but couldn't. I told her to just leave them alone. She went on to hypothesize that maybe they were twins but I threw out that maybe they were married! Life lessons from lightening bugs!

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