July 1, 2017

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  • We had told the kids last night that we were going to Lake Catherine this morning to walk the trail and would get doughnuts on the way. As Robby was tucking them in, he thought that we hadn't really checked the weather so he told everyone that if the weather was rainy, we would have to wait until next weekend. 
  • The first words that Graham asked me this morning were, "Are we going?" I said that indeed we were and Robby and I went ahead and got on up. I was waiting on the shower when I heard Keaton and Campbell laying in our bed. 
  • Soon everyone was awake putting on their bathing suits. Poor Whitman was sleepy and could not understand why we would need our bathing suits to go and eat doughnuts. I tried to explain that he was going to get to play in the waterfall later but that meant nothing to him.
  • We ate breakfast at Dale's in Benton and it is now my new favorite doughnut place replacing Shipleys. Robby and I had chocolate filled which were very good. The kids all picked up a doughnut for themselves but also were given 6 free doughnut holes. Dale's always gives the kids doughnut holes but this made my kiddos' day.
  • It didn't take long at all to get to Lake Catherine. We drove around a bit and saw a campsite that we camped in just a few years ago and then found a few cabins that may be in the plans for next year. 
  • After a potty stop, we headed down the trail. We opted for the 2 mile trail because we have some sense. We walked this trail the last time we were there and it was a pretty perfect trail then and was again this time. The weather could not have been any nicer. We would get a bit warm and then have a good walk in the shade to cool us off.
  • We were in no hurry and Whitman lagged behind us. He did great until he fell near the end of the trail. He cut his finger (tiniest of cuts) and this just left him devastated. He didn't even want for me to touch him. 
  • It wasn't too much further though and we arrived at the waterfall. The kids quickly ventured towards. Graham and Campbell enjoyed it the most and could have played near and under it all morning long. Robby had remembered Whitman's life jacket so we buckled him and just let him go. At the base of the waterfall, there were some deep spots (Campbell had to swim but not really sure how deep it was) but with Whitman's life jacket on, he could go anywhere which was nice.
  • The rocks were rocky (obviously) so we did let the kids wear their tennis shoes. This helped some and they were able to get around better. Campbell could have stayed in for another hour but we eventually called her out and started drying everyone off and wringing out shoes. Once we were all dry, Robby passed our cheese or meat sticks to everyone.
  • Then the trail just had a bit more that we zoomed on through and then had lots of fun jumping and swaying on the swinging bridge. From there, it was just a hop skip and a jump to the car. The kids changed into dry clothes and then played on the playground while Robby and I made lunch.
  • Robby had bought some little rolls yesterday and everyone was so excited to have their sandwich on that bread. He also had some squirt cheese and as I was making Whitman and Keaton's, I wrote a few words on their crackers for them to read. Whitman is starting to read a few sight words so his crackers were mom, dad and go. I gave Keaton two crackers and one word was fin but I am not sure what the other one was. Bless, she can not remember the sound that "n" makes for anything.
  • After we ate, the kids made a relay race and did girls against boys. The girls did win by one second but it was fun watching them cheer each other on and help Keaton and Whitman. Back in the car we soon went and headed back home.
  • Robby ran into Lowes and then he dropped the girls and me off at Pennys (we bought 2 shirts for Reagan, 1 shirt for Campbell, 1 shirt for Keaton, a shirt for Robby and flip flops for me) We did all of our shopping while Robby and the boys were doing some shopping at Walmart. We had to rush while doing our shopping so Reagan didn't have time to look for a dress so that will have to be done later.
  • Then it was on to Grannymom's house to pick up a pressure washer and then on home to unload the groceries and melting ice cream. After unloading, everyone wanted to help Robby make oreo delight and he was thrilled to show them all how. He is counting on them making his birthday dish for him someday.
  • He had time to mow and I did a few things inside while the kids played outside with the neighbors. Then the Wilsons came over. Robby grilled outside in the crazy wind while the kids played games.
  • Then it was time for supper-hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chips, bean dip and beans. All Whitman wanted was chips and lemonade. The boys went to town on Robby's sausages. After everyone ate, we played Ticket to Ride while the kids played some more games and then started a movie.
  • Shannon and I told them that if we could play our game without too much interruptions, then we would eat dessert and play a game or two with them. We kept our word so after oreo delight, we played nertz and then spoons with the kids. You would not believe how noisy 9 kids get while playing a game!
  • It was nearly 11 when the kids finished their showers tonight. I know that they will be difficult to wake up tomorrow! 

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