July 10, 2017

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  • Family Farm Day 1-we had to wake everyone up this morning but as soon as I walked in and started opening up the blinds, they all started stirring. Before I could make it down the stairs, people were brushing their teeth and putting on their clothes.
  • The kids found their breakfasts and I started French braiding the girls hair. Before too long, we were grabbing lunches and sunscreening everyone. Robby took the crew to the gas station to pick up Lilly, Cash, Jacob, Ethan, Hayley, Caroline and Alyssa Kate. Yes, this is why we have a big van!
  • Robby hauled that crew to the other side of Benton to catch the Family Farm bus and off they went for a fun filled day. Back at home, I had a few minutes before I jumped in the car to pick up my Keaton and Whitman, who had spent the night at Grannymom's house.
  • Grannymom had to wake them up around 8 after sleeping 11 hours. Poor Whitman's eyes were a bit swollen and gunky. He acted fine so I took him on to VBS with Keaton at Immanuel. Check in was a bit overwhelming but neither of them hesitated when I showed them where their class was.
  • I left there and headed to Walmart and then was home for about an hour before I had to turn around and leave again to pick up the littles. They had both had a good time there and told me all about it on the way home. Keaton got to play with water balloons and goldfish were Whitman's snack. They both enjoyed the juice box on the way home that I brought and when I asked if they wanted to go back, they unanimously agreed that they did.
  • By the time we made it home though, Whitman was beginning to act a bit puny. He didn't eat much lunch and despite watching movies some of the afternoon and riding with me in the car, he never took a nap which would have been good for him. 
  • Keaton is always a bit lost without her sisters here. She tried to play with Whitman but he was in a foul mood. She did follow the termite man around and made a craft project. Before we knew it though, it was time to load up and pick up the campers. 
  • We made good time there and even had to wait on the buses to arrive. Once they did, our kiddos started getting off. I saw everyone but little Hayley but then realized that Campbell wasn't off either. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Campbell was probably being motherly and was with Hayley. Sure enough they climbed off of the bus together. They are actually in a group together and Lilly is their Jr. Counselor.
  • I passed out drinks on the way home and soon we were dropping everyone off. Caroline and Alyssa Kate stayed over at our house tonight. After being home for a few minutes, we hauled everyone outside to pick up sticks. The kids were rewarded with popsicles for their "hard" work. 
  • Then they headed in for showers and soon supper was ready. Supper was a winner tonight-Pioneer Woman's stuffed shells. After supper, the kids played a few rounds of spoons before I called them down to pack their lunches.
  • About this time, Whitman found a blanket and laid down in the floor. Robby and I bribed him to drink some tylenol and he was put to bed. Now, so far I haven't heard him coughing but since he is currently sleeping in my bed, if he does cough I guess I will hear it tonight.
  • Everyone else watched a Bates and Ginormous Food before we herded them on to bed. I am sure they were tired whether they thought so or not.

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