July 2, 2017

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  • Sunday morning and I nearly lost my religion before I made it into the church house. Graham asked to eat the leftover doughnuts this morning and I said that he could. Seconds later he came to tell me that ants had gotten to them. That was about 8 bucks wasted. 
  • A few minutes later, Anderson came in asking me to button his pants. I could not since they were Grahams. He said that Graham must have on his shorts so I checked and Graham had on his on. So I had to go upstairs to find Anderson's correct shorts but instead of changing he just wanted for me to button his pants. There was no way that was going to happen. 
  • My Keaton has about 100 summer dresses and she couldn't find any one of them that she wanted to wear. She asked me for help and I tried and tried but then I told her that she didn't really want my help and I needed to get ready. She came downstairs wearing a winter outfit and I just didn't car at all!
  • Campbell didn't want to wear a dress at all even though she has a few cute ones. That was fine and I told her that she would need to wear her jeans with a top that she picked out. When she came down the stairs, she was wearing leggings and not the jeans that I had told her. I sent her back upstairs to change and she was none to happy.
  • We finally made it to church, dressed and with smiles on our faces. But gracious those smiles didn't last long. I had a smart mouth third grader in my class this morning. Thankfully, it wasn't my child but if it had been he would have quickly learned his lesson. 
  • At church, I told Whitman that there was a big flag in the front and we walked to go and see it. He said, "I hope it is the American flag." And indeed it was the American flag!
  • I guess I can say that the only thing good about this morning was lunch at Nonna's house. She had hamburgers and all of the fixings. The kids taught Nonna how to play spoons after we had lunch. Robby and Pops looked over Hawaii stuff and then soon it was time to head home.
  • Robby and I had our nap while the kids watched tv and played. We started stirring around and around 6:30 Robby thought about taking the crew to the pool. They were able to swim an hour before it closed but everyone had a great time. Even though they had snacks and drinks on the way home, Keaton was sound asleep when they arrived home.
  • Everyone had showers and then it was supper time-leftovers and fridge clean out night. It seems like we have that alot lately. My fridge is just overflowing but part of that problem is having at least 2 water bottles per kid in the fridge. That is over 12 waterbottles-there is no room for anything else.
  • The kids had some time to read in their beds before they turned off the lights. Light turn off must have went well because I don't hear anyone upstairs. 

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