July 22, 2017

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  • Robby woke me up this morning around 6:30. We jumped in the car, having already told the kids last night where we would be, to drive to the store. Kroger had cereal and granola bars on sale for a dollar today. You could only buy 5 per visit so Robby "visited" Kroger once and then twice while I was also "visiting" two different times.
  • We returned home just as Graham was getting settled with his ipad. He said that he saw that our bedroom light was on but didn't really know that we had left. Seriously, early is the best time to go to the store. Soon everyone was awake and grabbing their breakfast.
  • After our productive morning, Robby and I climbed back into bed. A bit later, Tony text about pancakes and Robby said he would be right over. Robby and I loaded up to eat a pancake or two and were soon back at home.
  • We pondered climbing back into bed but did get up and begin our morning. We made plans with the Wilsons and spent the rest of the morning straightening and getting ready for the rest of the day.
  • We picked them up and then picked up sweet Campbell, who had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa. Then we headed to Bald Knob to visit the Bulldog. The kids were pretty quiet on the ride there-they were probably hungry since it was after 2 before we made it and no one had eaten lunch.
  • Everyone picked out their lunch and then the part that we had been waiting for: milkshakes for most, peach shortcake for me and strawberry shortcake for Tony. I was super pleased with mine but the census on the milkshakes were that they were not as good as they had when I had been there before with the kids.
  • It was still a fun little Saturday trip and was about to become much more interesting. We stopped in Searcy to visit Lowe's mainly so we could walk off our big meal and shakes before the ride home. The kids immediately all found a tent and sat underneath it in the lawnchairs. We quickly spotted a man with a raccoon on his shoulder.
  • We had to walk next to him and stared mostly at his raccoon which he was trying to show off. But he was not only trying to show off his raccoon! The man had his pants unzipped and he was hanging all out of them. Robby hoped that it was his shirt tail hanging out of his pants but mercy, it was not his shirt. 
  • We scurried away as quickly as we could and I had to remain on high alert the rest of the time that we were walking around Lowes. I will never feel the same way about raccoons or Lowes again! I even looked for hand sanitizer when we climbed into the car-if only I could find some hand sanitizer for my eyes!
  • Back at the safety of our home, we unloaded and loaded up again for the pool. The Wilsons came too and the kids enjoyed swimming until 9. Robby and Tony picked up pizza for us and we all inhaled it-doing nothing all day can make a person hungry. 
  • By the time we made it home, unloaded and everyone showered, it was after 10. I think that Whitman is pretty much all better. Though when I mentioned yesterday that he had finished his medicine, he was quick to add, "but I am still coughing." Now Anderson is my sickly one. He had had fever since Thursday night off and on. He doesn't act like he feels bad but tonight did say that his throat was sore. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow or he might join Whitman at the doctor (recheck) early next week.

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