July 13, 2017

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  • Family Farm Day 4: We just had to get the boys and Cash up this morning and they stirred fairly quickly but gracious me, I am tired. My bedmate for the week slept fairly well but did cough a good deal. 
  • I did have to wake coughy up because he rode with Robby to pick up everyone else. The girls spent the night at Dana's house so they loaded up along with the Heltz and Penningtons. Then they headed off to catch the bus for one last time.
  • Shannon and I went down the road to a moving sale. I didn't buy anything but did help Shannon spend some money. I made it home just before Robby, Keaton and Whitman did. We were home for a bit and then I took them to VBS.
  • I came home for a bit and was able to do a few chores before it was time to run to the library and to pick up the littles. I needed some help at the library because I checked out enough books that I wished I had a rolling cart to get to the car.
  • Whitman and Keaton had another good day at VBS. They told them all about tonight and Whitman practiced his songs as we walked down the hall to pick up Keaton. Once at home, we had lunch and then I worked on distributing all of those library books. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to work on clean up/repair from the plumber fix yesterday. They hadn't been here too long when it was time for us to leave. Keaton could not wait to leave because she knew we were going to Family Farm.
  • The drive was short to Family Farm and after climbing out of the car we were surprised at how hot it was! We walked passed kids fishing, stopped in the petting area, saw some kids on boats and even ziplining. I finally spotted Reagan and we headed to see her. She was playing in the creek with her group and then we saw Campbell on the zipline. It took awhile before I found the boys who were doing archery or something.
  • The campers did their skits which were short but it all seemed long to me this afternoon-that might possibly have to do with Whitman. The poor little guy was burning up with fever (I should have given him tylenol but he didn't have fever when we left) and he was coughing pitifully. After the program was over, I checked everyone out and we flew home.
  • Whitman knew all about Family Night tonight at VBS and after some Tylenol, he perked right up and was ready to go. After the kids changed clothes, they were back in the car headed to Immanuel. They had hamburgers and hot dogs there for supper and then they had a little program. 
  • Keaton's group sang a song and so did Whitman's group. Robby said they both did great. I was just down the road at Rock Creek. They had a women's thing tonight and we painted a picture of a church. I learned that I am no artist and now I have a painting for my closet. 
  • The kids showered when they came home and soon I was home as well. Graham had already gone to bed when I got back. After a bit of down time the kids headed to bed and this is the first night this week that Whitman is in his bed (at least right now). 
  • Lots of corn was delivered today-1 bag to Shannon, 2 to Candice, 1 to Toni and 2 for us. That means that tomorrow will be corn shucking and putting up day!

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