July 26, 2017

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  • Another night of Keaton coming to our room in the middle of the night. Each time sweet Campbell has brought her downstairs. Keaton has told me both times that her stomach hurts but she doesn't have to go to the bathroom or get sick, so I think it is more that she just feels bad and doesn't know how to say that or possibly she knows that I will for sure let her stay in my room if she says that her tummy hurts. Either way, she comes in, I make a pallet and she is out pretty quick and sleeps until someone wakes her up in the morning.
  • My Anderson had his leftover Chick-Fi-lA shake out this morning and at one point during the day, I was pretty sure that he was getting better. He played pretty hard at the pool most of the time but said that he couldn't go under because he was coughing and couldn't hold his breath very long. Tonight he had fever again and coughed most of the afternoon so yep, doctor's appointments for everyone tomorrow.
  • We went to the pool at 10 this morning so we didn't have time to go to school but we did do all of our together work this morning. Usually at the end of the year, we are lagging in science and history so hopefully these extra days this summer will help us later on. And I enjoy our work together quite a bit-science this year might just be okay and history is pretty interesting so far, even though the sections are much longer than last year.
  • We were at the pool when it opened and we were the only ones-along with our buddies-9 little girls and 1 little boy. Everyone Reagan, Anderson and Graham's ages are all at camp but they still had fun with the littles today. When I said that it was time to go after 3 and a half hours of swimming, they didn't want to. 
  • We rushed home and Keaton and Campbell through on other clothes and headed to the Maumelle library to see Elsa and Anna. They had a blast listening to the Frozen sisters sing and read a few stories. 
  • The afternoon kind of drug by around here. I did everything that I could think of except walk on the treadmill. I did accomplish a few little things but nothing major. Robby made it home with supper. Everyone ate and afterwards, he went outside to mow some.
  • Robby mowed until dark while I ran kids through the showers. Then we watched a School House Rocks video while I baked a few cookies. The kids ate those up and as soon as the video was over, everyone went to bed. They are already quiet upstairs-I am sure they are all exhausted!

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