July 23, 2017

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  • Graham and Whitman were the first ones awake this morning. Graham usually is quick to put on his church clothes but I dressed Whitman and then reminded Graham to put on his clothes. Anderson was down soon with his clothes on.
  • While I was showering, Keaton and Campbell walked through and I could tell by the blurry colors through the shower door that they had put on their Sunday clothes. Reagan was not far behind them and she was even wearing a new shirt that she had not worn.
  • The kids found their breakfasts and grabbed their ipads. Keaton and Whitman sat in their fort, Anderson was in his chair by the window, Graham on the couch and Campbell and Reagan were settled into chairs. Everyone had a blanket wrapped around there. Our house is cooler than some houses but it isn't that cold.
  • We went to Sunday school and only have 3 more weeks before promotion Sunday. Anderson will move up to the preteens, everyone will have different friends in their classes, Whitman will start going to big church and Robby and I will try Sunday school after about 15 years of teaching.
  • After Sunday school, we headed to Grannymom's house and even beat her there. She had picked up pizza on her way home. After lunch, Campbell was pleased for us to eat the cake that she and Grannymom had made together yesterday.
  • When we left Grannymom's house, Robby dropped me off at Nonna's house and we headed out shopping. We hit the stores and did some belated birthday and Christmas shopping. Back at home, Robby said that he had idyllic dreams of the kids napping and quietly watching a movie. That didn't happen-there were card games, ping pong games along with some tv watching.
  • I arrived home and soon it was supper time. We passed out leftovers and while the kids were eating, Robby asked if some of them wanted to go to the pool for a tiny bit. It would be just about an hour to swim before they would close. He had 5 takers (not Anderson) and they loaded up.
  • When they arrived, they saw that no one was there. They asked and were told that it had been thundering. Robby let the kids play at the park for a minute but then they heard thunder again. There was a bit of disappointment but once Robby passed out some apple juice and a piece of candy, they forgot about the pool.
  • To ease Robby's disappointment, he stopped at Chuys for a bit of supper for us. We ate when they made it home and then everyone snuggled in to watch a Bates and a cookie show. Keaton, Whitman and I all fell asleep during the cooking show. I carried Whitman to bed while Robby woke Keaton up and helped her go to the bathroom and brush her teeth.
  • Sickness update: Whitman still has his cough though it is definitely improving. He was rubbing his ear today and I asked if it hurt and he said that it tickles which I guess isn't bad. Anderson has had fever for a few days now and is getting a cough. He didn't say much about his throat today so maybe it isn't too bad. Keaton told me today that she had a sore throat and was coughing. I didn't think much about it because after she said that she was coughing, she demonstrated a fake cough. But tonight, as Robby was kissing her goodnight he pointed out that she was indeed warm. I brought her downstairs and gave her some medicine. I made a big deal that I was giving her different medicine than Anderson complained about the other day. And I was, it was from a different bottle even though it was the same medicine. Hopefully the medicine will help her and her cold will be short lived!

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