July 7, 2017

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  • Big day today and my people were pretty excited about it. Robby cut the boys hair early this morning-actually as soon as poor Whitman walked down the steps, he was snatched up and sat on a stool outside and began to get his summer do.
  • Robby then ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things along with lunchables for our day. At 9:40, my crew loaded up and we headed downtown. We didn't get very far before we had to turn around-I had forgotten my phone. I knew that we were forgetting something and thankfully I checked before we passed the no turn around zone (though I'm not really sure where that would have been.)
  • We weren't the last ones to arrive, even with our little turn around. We met our buddies (6 moms and 19 friends) making the total of our group 32. Amber had arranged an outing downtown today beginning with the Clinton Library bug exhibit. 
  • There was not a whole lot to the bug exhibit-just a bunch of big bugs. The kids still enjoyed it and after we had finished the bugs, we walked through the Clinton part of the library. My Reagan was a good help with some of the little kids and my boys seemed to enjoy reading some of the information. 
  • But always, the highlight for my people is watching the video. You would not believe but all of those kiddos sat completely still watching the video about Clinton. After the video, we headed out of the library towards a few picnic tables.
  • Everyone had lunch and even though it was warm, we were in the shade and it was pleasant. My boys ran to check on the trolley stop and indeed it was the stop we wanted. After lunch, we caught the trolley and rode to the River Market area. There we beelined on to the splash pad.
  • I had been pretty adamant that we weren't going to get wet but before I knew it, I was taking shoes off, taking Whitman's shirt off and urging them to try to stay dry. Ha! That only lasted for about 2 seconds and then Campbell was laying in the middle of the splash pad soaking wet.
  • The only one of mine who stayed dryish was Reagan-she didn't want to walk around in wet clothes. I took my big 3, Whitman and two other kiddos over to the playground for a few minutes. It took Graham exactly 24 seconds to fall and hurt his foot. He probably sprained his ankle but he just doesn't manage pain well and was squealing like a pig. I calmed him down and sat him in the shade while the others played.
  • After the played some, Whitman decided that he wanted to go back to the water and I let him. The boys even got a bit wet again-of course their clothes dried much quicker than Keaton and Campbell's blue jean shorts (not sure what I was thinking there.)
  • After everyone was finished splashing we headed back towards the Clinton library and our cars. We thought that we might could catch a trolley but waiting in the sun just wouldn't do so after a bit of walking, we were soon there.
  • It was hot, hot and we were all dripping wet with sweat-my people were dragging a bit but I could have stayed a bit longer there was still so much to do (box sledding, the bridge by the library and my list goes on.) 
  • Anderson went ahead to the car to turn it on and turned the air on full blast. Then they started talking about their Sonic drink orders-I told my crew that their behavior had been so excellent today that I would upgrade their drinks to mediums and let them add candy to their slushes. It was like Christmas morning in my car!
  • I was still sweating when we arrived at Sonic but soon everyone had cooled off with their drinks. Then it was time to drop Whitman off at Nonna's house. It is his turn to spend the night with Nonna. He couldn't wait and didn't even mind me taking him inside with only his undies on. His shorts were still a bit damp from the splash pad.
  • Once the rest of us made it home, the kids unloaded and then put on dry clothes. They vegged pretty much most of the afternoon long. I worked on a bit of school and soon it was supper time. Robby and I heated up nachos in our toaster oven. These were the best ones yet-beans, chicken, cheese, salsa, sour cream-absolutely delicious!
  • After supper, we all went to the bonus room to watch Beauty and the Beast. It is one of my favorites and the kids enjoyed it too. We had popcorn and coke as our snack and afterwards, it was bedtime for the crew. It had been a big day and tomorrow is shaping up to be another full day.

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