July 19, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our bed before 7 this morning. That was fine but he was too interested in getting breakfast to go back to sleep. Usually, he will fall asleep within seconds of being still but not this morning. I urged him to go and find a brother to help with breakfast and I guess he did because he didn't come back in our room for a good while.
  • We started our school this morning and things again went splendidly. That just makes me so happy-Keaton is loving it, everyone is doing well-I know that things will fall apart into a zillion pieces next week so I am greatly enjoying this week. 
  • When everyone had finished, we did start on our work together work which does take a while but the kids were busy making chains to hang above their beds for our trip and birthdays. I had some time afterwards to crawl around in the attic looking for suitcases. 
  • We had lunch and then I took the little 3 and Reagan to the library to look for some books. I wanted Reagan to pick out a book for her first book report but she settled on one that the library did not have. I think she figured out that if they didn't have it, it would be next week before she needed to do anything. The library highlight was free popsicles after checking out.
  • Once at home, I did some time on the treadmill and then I spent a long, long while with the girls cutting out the first set of pieces for the pineapple backpack. I will say, that if I can sew as well as I can cut, it should go together easily and will be so cute. 
  • A bit before 6, I headed to Bunko and after a bit, Robby and the kids loaded up for the pool. They picked up supper on the way and then swam. For the most part, there were very few people there so they all enjoyed themselves. Keaton did loose an earring so that caused some drama and will cause even more tomorrow when I replace that one.
  • When everyone came in, they showered and then were sent right to bed! It had been a long day and the crew was tired!

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