July 24, 2017

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  • Monday morning and today was the first real day of Dennie school. Now, usually I have first day of school pictures but not today. I have the signs ready but I never really had time to take their pictures plus there are a few Dennies that are under the weather.
  • We started on school and things went pretty splendidly (for real). The kids started right on their school work and before I knew it, I was flying out the door with Whitman. He had a follow up check up for his ears.
  • He was quick to tell Dr. Martin that he was still coughing and even demonstrated a few "coughs" for her. He still has fluid behind his ears but that is not uncommon after an ear infection but his ears weren't infected which was good. She even had a nurse do a hearing screening on him. He passed but I am not too sure how accurate all of that was. The boy was trying his hardest to do the right thing and make everyone proud but who knows how many of those little beeps he really heard.
  • Back at home, I scurried around trying to get school ready for tomorrow and check the many pages that everyone was turning in to me. Also, this year I am having to sign off on everyone's school each day so by the time I finished all of this, it was lunch time-well, after lunch time.
  • I made lunch and everyone ate. There was a bit of time and soon we were in the car again-well, not all of us. Anderson and Graham opted to skip the pool. Anderson is still not 100% and Graham decided that he didn't want to go either. 
  • I took Whitman and his sisters to the pool and they had a great time. They were pretty thrilled that we let them use money during adult swim to buy a few treats. Whitman even snuck away from me trying to buy something after I had cut him off!
  • Back at home, we had a quick turnaround before I left again with Keaton for a birthday party. Robby made hot dogs and everyone ate. The girls then showered and then Keaton and I left. It was a swimming party and Keaton jumped right in and swam for another 2 hours. She is my little fish!
  • The others settled in to watch a few tv shows and even had some ice cream for a snack. When we finally made it home, Keaton had a shower and then it was bedtime for the crew.

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