July 15, 2017-Happy 17th Anniversary

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Our week included: 5 days of VBS for 2 Dennies, 1 trip to Maumelle, 7 trips to Benton for Family Farm for 4 Dennies, 1 trip to Conway, 2 cousins and 5 friends, 1 VBS Family Night, 2 ear infections, 1 night out to paint, 3 trips to the pool, 1 trip to Dumas, 2 burst ear drums, 134 ears of corn put up, 1 trip Malvern for family day, and a 17th wedding anniversary. No wonder I have fallen asleep on the couch every night so far this week. 
  • Today was a much slower day, thankfully. Whitman climbed in bed with us around 7 and went back to sleep for a while. Graham asked for me to help me him make egg in the hole so we cooked for a bit fairly early this morning. Campbell wanted one to so we made her one. 
  • Everyone but Keaton was awake when Robby left to pick up our first Kroger click list. He had lots of coupons and saved well over 50 percent-we were like kids at Christmas unloading the bags. Keaton woke up right when Robby came back home and by this time the living room was a wreck.
  • But it was a wonderful, almost peaceful, wreck. The kids had spread out a huge quilt on the floor. People were playing card games, people were in their ipads, and everyone was cuddled up. It looked like a perfect Saturday morning and could have only been better if it was raining outside.
  • Robby worked some around the house and I did a bit of school work prep. We had lunch and then loaded up for the pool. Today was our 21st visit to the pool this summer and the kids still love playing. They actually played fairly well together today even though they didn't have any buddies with them.
  • After the pool, we came home for showers for everyone. Then, we dropped the kids off at Grannymom's house and Robby and I headed out to eat. We ate at Olive Garden and it was pretty good. Then we walked around Kroger-yes, two grocery store trips today and I just don't think there is any better place to go on a date night. I love the grocery store (seriously). Once were were home, the kids headed to bed and we scooped us up some ice cream.

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