July 14, 2017

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  • VBS day 5 (actually this is the 20th day of VBS this summer-everyone went to the one at our church, everyone went to the little church down the road, the big boys went to Rock Creeks and Keaton and Whitman finished up Immanuel's VBS.) 
  • I didn't have to wake Whitman up this morning. He was awake before 7 and Graham brought him to our room this morning at 6:50 and said, "I can't get him to go back to bed." It was close enough to 7 so they headed off to make their breakfasts.
  • I had to wake Keaton up which also woke Campbell up. Soon Keaton was putting on her clothes and I tried my best to give Whitman his medicine which ended up on the floor. Robby is the medicine giver pro so I have taken over the job of the ear drop dropper.
  • Robby took them to VBS while I stayed at home and tried to accomplish a few things. The kids did have chores today since they have been missing their chores during Family Farm. I have been folding their laundry and piling it into piles in my room each day so their laundry pile was huge until they put it out. Also everyone cleaned off their desks because a bit of school starts on Monday.
  • Before I knew it, I was in the car heading to pick up Keaton and Whitman. They had pizza today as their snack so everyone was happy. Keaton said she wished that VBS was 6 days and Whitman said that he wanted for it to be 10 days. While I was gone, I let the kids stay at the house and Campbell even made a pan of brownies. (I had told her that she could and was almost home by the time to take them out so I knew that nothing could burn.)
  • Around 1:30 or even a bit after, we loaded up to head to Shannon's house to work on our corn. We had 3 bags of corn to put up (2 of mine and 1 of Shannon's) The kids helped shuck the corn when we opened each bag. It took a while and the kids played during their shucking time. 
  • At the end of the day, the menfolk arrived and we had Mexican casserole and the fixings for supper. The kids continued playing card games and the grownups continued eating. Whitman had coughed pretty good this afternoon and did eventually fall asleep around 5 so he had a late nap. (I am not sure if he had fever this afternoon, possibly but not anything like yesterday. He is still coughing at times like crazy but I do think he feels much better.)
  • It was after 10 when we did make it home and I think that the kids were as tired as we were. They all headed to bed without us having to plead and beg. I have been falling asleep each night on the couch and after almost falling asleep on the Wilson's couch, I don't think that tonight will be any different.

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