June 11, 2017

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  • Family Farm day 2-I tiptoed out of bed when my alarm clock went off early this morning. I heard Robby coming down the stairs and as he took a shower, I stirred all of the sleepers. Yes, Robby was sleeping in the bonus room not because we had had a tiff but because sickly Whitman took over our bed before we even went to bed last night. 
  • His fever was high last night and we gave him meds. Robby laid down with him and he was asleep within seconds. This morning when he did wake up (after everyone else had left), he was going strong and acting like he felt great. I even put up all of the meds that I had been giving him.
  • Back to my campers, they were tired this morning but they did stir in time to have breakfast. My boys take no time to get ready and were able to have their breakfast while playing on their ipads. This morning we weren't the last ones there and that was good since we had two extras with us this morning (Alyssa Kate and Caroline.)
  • Robby hauled the crew to Benton while I readied my crew for VBS. We were about to climb into the car when I looked at my phone and saw that Robby was going to run home for our car swap. We had planned to meet but traffic made him take the back way right by the house. Not only did he switch cars, he also picked up Keaton and Whitman and took them to VBS.
  • That left me at home for a bit of extra time so I did my treadmill and then jumped in the car to run a few errands. I bought paint for a project in the girls' room and then looked and looked for one more thing but couldn't find it. 
  • When I picked up Keaton and Whitman, I noticed that one of his ears was a bit yucky looking. I have been asking him if his ear hurts and he has continually told me that they do not. As I was questioning him, he did tell me that yucky slime came out of one ear last night. Um, great.
  • We headed on to Grannymom's house to change our clothes and I then I took Keaton and Whitman to the pool. My Keaton could have stayed there forever-he friend Isaac was there, she found some more friends and even the Crafts showed up. We ate lunch during the first adult swim and during the kid swim, I called and got Whitman a doctor's appointment.
  • There wasn't a whole lot of appointment times to choose from so I was fortunate to get the one I did. It worked our perfectly because we were able to swim some and then Keaton's used her money to buy her and Whitman both some candy when we left.
  • We then headed back to Grannymom's house to change back into dry clothes. Then it was on to the doctor's office. Whitman was in rare form. As the nurse was taking his blood pressure, he told her that there would be no shots today. And even though he had 102 fever, he spent his time rolling around on the doctor's stool and crashing into the wall.
  • He talked and talked to Martin. She had to listen to his chest forever because he would not stop talking. He talked about no shots, he talked about the gooey slime, he talked about the bug in his throat. Not only was my boy a chatterbox but he was also pretty sick. His lungs were a bit yucky along with two ear infections and two burst eardrums and add that to what we already knew, a continuous cough, swollen and red eyes and high fever. But some coke in the car made everything better for my little guy. 
  • As he was chatting Dr. Martin's ear off, Keaton would just look at me and grin. Then she would roll her eyes at her brother's antics. She is so Reagan!
  • We were able to go home for a bit before picking up the others. I unloaded the car, changed the boys sheets, and did about one more thing before it was time to leave again. We made it to the bus stop before the buses again. That was fine because Keaton and Whitman were able to climb around the car some. 
  • The buses arrived and everyone then climbed into my van. I passed out drinks and we were on the road back to town. The kids were a bit quieter today in the van than they were yesterday. I think they are getting tired. Graham was super proud of his award today and Campbell was camper of the day today.
  • After dropping everyone off, we came home. Reagan jokingly asked if we were going to pick up pine needles tonight. The kids vegged for a bit while I sprayed weeks and Robby sprayed for ants. Then showers were started and supper was heated up.
  • The kids watched a grilling tv show before it was bedtime. Graham got up in the middle of it and asked if he could go to bed. He was sound asleep when we tucked him in. We worked on Whitman last-ear drops were the only medicine that we could get today. So after some tylenol, we worked on the ear drops. He was pretty brave but gracious he does not like them-the next 13 times will probably not go as smoothly as tonight. It looks like he will be sleeping in my bed for one more night!

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