July 28, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our bed early this morning and he laid quietly until I got up. As soon as I climbed out of bed, he did too and was anxious to put on his new Razorback shirt. When Graham saw that he brother had on a jersey, he was quick to run upstairs and put on one too. 
  • I had to wake Reagan up this morning but everyone else was up early enough to grab their breakfast and play on their ipads for a bit before we started on school.
  • School again went smoothly today which is kind of shocks me every single day. Now, don't get me wrong-there is nothing more stressful in my day than our school hours. People are constantly asking me question, handing me things to check, needing my help along with the stress that I alone am responsible for educating these people-all of this, can kind of make me crazy.
  • Robby took Whitman for a few errands while we were finishing up our science and history. Then it was chore time before lunch. Now, my kids slack on chores most of the time but when we are about to have a party at the house, they all really get to work.
  • We had our lunch and Reagan and I had just finished checking her math (oh my, I am going to have to start doing her math myself so I can understand it-the word problems are starting to be over my head these days.) when Nonna came to pick her up. Reagan spent the night with Nonna and Pops. I am sure that she had a great time and probably ended up having Nonna take her shopping.
  • The rest of us did a bit of work in the kitchen-Graham helped make one batch of brownies for tomorrow and then Campbell and Keaton helped me make the next batch. Then I started on 2 of 4 bags of rice along with pounds of refried beans. 
  • I do feel like Anderson is feeling some better, possibly. He did go upstairs to play the xbox today which he usually has rarely left his chair the past few days. He is coughing more which could be a good thing since he needs to cough all of that stuff up. Keaton is also crazy coughing today and even had some fever tonight so we shall see, hopefully there won't be another doctor's appointment in the future for us.
  • Robby took Graham to Blaze pizza for a little birthday dinner while I headed over to the Wilsons with supper for the rest of us. We had hot dogs, sausage burgers, chips and rice krispy treats. The kids played upstairs along with quite a few card games. We, the grownups, sat outside for a bit. Whitman fell asleep pretty early and slept from 7 on-he did wake up on the way home but seemed still when we tucked him in. We haven't heard him so surely he went on to sleep!

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