July 27, 2017

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  • Day 490 of sick kids or so it seems. Thankfully, all that is wrong with my babies will be quickly fixed with some time and antibiotics. I did take Anderson and Keaton to the doctor this afternoon. Keaton, as we guessed, is just fine. She does still have her cough and even had fever tonight but no need for meds for her. Anderson had one infected ear, iffy lungs and was wheezing a bit. He was given some medicine and a Sonic drink and hopefully, will be on the mend soon.
  • School this morning went well. Graham was the only one awake this morning but by the time I made it upstairs, Anderson and Whitman were the only ones still in bed. Anderson was already stirring so I tried to quietly wake him up while letting Whitman sleep for a bit longer-it didn't work.
  • Everyone started in on school and things went pretty good today. Now, each of the kids have about 2 things that they have not added to their list of school work.  We might just be able to survive this next school year.
  • After school, we had our lunch and the kids started on their chores. I kind of have been lax on chores this week since I know that tomorrow we have to get this house spic and span for Graham's party on Saturday.
  • At 2:00, we jumped in the car for the doctor's visit and by the time that we made it home, my kids were out along with the neighbors. They played until after 6 when they finally came in for supper and showers. Anderson played out for a minute before coming in-my hope is that he will feel much better by Saturday.
  • At the last minute, I convinced Shannon to go with me to a dinner out for a focus group type thing. The food was good, dessert was good but the salad that I had was great. I ate every bit-but I guess when anything is topped with nuts and bacon, it has to be good.
  • We didn't get home until after 8 but did enjoy some of Robby's s'mores dip. Soon afterwards we began doping everyone up and sending the kids to bed.

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