July 4, 2017-Happy Independence Day!

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  • Last night I decided that there was no reason for me to set my alarm so I did not. But it didn't matter at all because Graham was in our room first asking if he could play the xbox. Then Campbell came and joined us in bed and Whitman was next to climb in-all before 7:30. 
  • Most everyone was awake this morning before we did get out of bed. I did have to help Keaton and Whitman pour their milk. After a bit, I did urge everyone to start on their chores. Today's chores included a math page from the math book that they were working on in May.
  • Everyone did surprisingly well on their math page. I helped Campbell the least (addition of hundreds and thousands) and Reagan went right to work and remembered most things (decimals and some beginning algebra with decimals.) Graham needed a bit of help (dividing with remainders) and Anderson probably needed the most help (fractions) but overall, I would consider it a success and am not too worried about starting back to school.
  • Around 11, we loaded up and headed to the pool. Brett and Layne joined us along with Grannymom and Grandpa. The kids swam and swam-even when it was time to stop for lunch, they opted to keep on swimming and eat during adult swim. 
  • The food was plentiful as usual and just as we had finished eating, it started raining. The rain was steady but not crazy and after a while the sun began shining again. The kids swam through the rain and didn't even seem to notice.
  • At 2, I left with Grandpa to drop him off at his house and pick up something from there. As I walked inside, I thought I heard thunder and soon my phone was ringing. I had planned on running to the store to pick up a few things but lightening and thunder caused the pool to close for a bit.
  • Robby called to tell me to just come and pick them up since by the time they could get back in the water, it would be time to go. When I arrived back at the pool, it was raining like crazy. A pool umbrella flew through the air and I became wetter than if I had swam myself. 
  • It was a rainy mess but the kids will remember it forever. They were already soaking wet but by the time they rain to the car, they were even wetter. We had a few errands before we arrived home.
  • Robby did drop me off at Kroger to pick up a few things and there power was out but people were still checking out so I grabbed my items and headed to the front. Crazy man was behind me and asked to go in front of me and of course I said yes to get him out of the store. As I checked out, I was extra kind and thankful to the cashier after he had to deal with crazy.
  • We dropped off Brett and Layne and once at home, the kids changed and I made my beans. Then I played a game of chess with Anderson. I let him win-not really, I was pretty close to winning but gracious I just don't know much chess strategy and he quickly overtook my king.
  • Before too long, I realized that I didn't have too much time and was throwing my sausage cornbread in the oven. It is my absolute favorite. Then Robby called everyone who wanted to help to come and make our s'mores dish. Anderson opted to not help and told me that he just enjoyed eating s'mores, not making them.
  • It was a mess but all of the kids enjoyed making them. We dipped the marshmallows in colored sugar and then shaped them in to a flag. It was really neat and pretty good too once the marshmallows and chocolate was melted.
  • Once the s'mores were made, we loaded up and headed to the Wilson's house. The Little family was there too and the kids had plenty of people to play with. They ran raound and played card game after card game. Tony and Shannon had made lots of food-including some delicious chicken and Shannon's famous potato salad. 
  • When Tony could wait no longer, it was firework time. We started with sparklers and Keaton did not want to do one at all. She was a bit afraid of touching the fireworks even though she loved watching them. Whitman loved watching them but he kept his hands firmly over his hears except when he was using the restroom in the grass during the firework show.
  • The kids liked the fireworks but I think that there favorite was lighting the Roman candles. Whitman was with me away from everyone else when he took off towards the others-he saw they were doing something that he wasn't. Soon he had his turn.
  • We didn't want Keaton to miss out so I brought her down so she could do one. She wasn't too excited about it. I held her hand as she held onto the firework and she didn't seem to mind it at all.
  • We stayed much later than we should have since it is the middle of the week. The kids had to have showers when we came home and as soon as they were dry, we were handing them toothbrushes and putting covers over them. 

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