July 5, 2017

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  • The storm briefly woke Robby and I up this morning. Graham said that he heard it too. Whitman overheard us talking about it and said that he didn't hear the storm at all because he was snoring too loud.
  • Graham was the first one up and he slept an hour later than usual (until 8) so the rest of us all slept later than usual as well which was wonderful. Reagan was the last one awake but she was up fairly soon after the rest of us. 
  • Everyone had breakfast and we started on their chores. Today the kids had to write a paragraph and everyone but Reagan wrote about the 4th of July. Reagan wrote a paragraph about Hawaii. When she was trying to read my scribbled out list, she thought that it said write 10 paragraphs. Glad she asked before she got too far!
  • At 11:30 we loaded up and headed to the library. I had run out of book to read to Whitman. I try to read him a story so he can get his attention tank full before I go off and do what I need to do like the treadmill or chores.
  • We left the library with around 40 new books-Anderson found some Star Wars books, Graham found lots of sports books, Campbell found a few books to read (she really wants to read long books but still just needs shorter chapter books), Keaton found a few to read with me and I just grabbed most any book I could find for Whitman.
  • Once at home, we unloaded and sorted out books. Then it was clean out the fridge time-lunch consisted of sausage corn bread, baked beans, pizza, hamburger and a few tortillas. Afterwards, we quickly picked up the house and then the kids played their ipads for a bit. Soon the neighbors were out and my crew migrated outside.
  • Before Anderson went outside, he and I worked on his planet mobile. We finally finished and then hung it in the school room. He was pleased but by the time we finished he was anxious to get outside. Everyone played outside until nearly 7. Anderson did come in before everyone else but then went back out for a little bit. The girls ended the evening by starting to paint some rocks.
  • When the neighbors had to go in, my kids showered and then we had supper. After supper, I popped some popcorn for our BBQ tv show that we watched before bedtime.

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