July 29, 2017-Happy 9th Birthday Graham!

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  • Keaton and Campbell were in our room right after 7. We moved over and they were soon sound asleep with us. Whitman wasn't too far behind and he did not go back to sleep and was very concerned that Keaton and Campbell were not awake.
  • It didn't take too long this morning for Robby to pull out the pancake stuff and soon we were singing Happy Birthday to Birthday Boy Graham. We put a candle on his pancake and sang away.
  • I ran around the kitchen for a few minutes and then helped everyone make their beds. They always fuss a bit when I make them clean their upstairs when no one at all is going to come upstairs. It is still nice to climb into a freshly made bed in a clean room.
  • Robby, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and I left to make our Saturday grocery run. We bought some ale chicken along with butter and eggs. Then it was on to Sams to pick up Graham's cupcakes. Those turkeys at Sams messed our order up though-we had ordered all vanilla, just as Graham had asked, but we got chocolate and vanilla. Not a big deal but still frustrating.
  • Then we rushed back home and I had time to ice my brownies (I had planned on doing that earlier in the morning but we were out-out of butter-I usually have a stash in a freezer but sure couldn't find any this morning.) Then it was back in the car for everyone and we headed to Nonna's house. We dropped off the kids just as Reagan and Nonna were coming back in from their shopping adventure. Reagan had spent the night over there and had a fun evening (she ate her favorite-steak) and fun morning (doughnuts).
  • Robby and I headed to Brown's restaurant to meet some of his church buddies that he graduated with including their old youth minister. The food was fine and afterwards everyone headed to Toms for a bit to look at some old pictures. All of those people were a bit older than I was but I did find myself in some of the pictures.
  • We left a bit early to hurry home to get a few things done. Robby jumped on the lawnmower and I threw all of my cold stuff into dishes, covered them and put them back in the fridge. Then I ran to Nonna's house to pick up everyone. Graham was ready to get home to get started on his party prep.
  • I sent Anderson to bed for a short nap while the rest of us headed outside. We picked up sticks on the kickball field and then started dragging out chairs and tables for the party. Robby had a spray paint crew going and they quickly painted the baselines. Then it was time to put on table cloths, hang signs and do all of that last minute stuff.
  • I ran in to change clothes (put on my kickball clothes) and watch my oven hoping that my food would warm quickly. At one point, I walked by the window and saw Robby struggling with his lower-it wasn't moving. Another one (mower) bites the dust. Hopefully this one will be an easy fix (though it didn't prove to be too easy tonight when we tried to work on it.) I went out and we struggled to push the 4 ton (seemed like it) tractor into the garage.
  • Robby ran in and showered just as our fist guests began arriving. The Hawkins, Wilsons, Penningtons, and Corsers all came along with the grands and Jason. Dana even arrived with her crew from the beach just in time for the first kick.
  • We had taco salad and all of the fixings. The table was absolutely full of food and it all tasted pretty good. I always think that food taste better when you eat it outside. We signed up to play and soon the teams were being announced. 
  • I tried to even out the teams just as well as we could but unfortunately, my team got whooped. Graham was on the winning team and my losing team mates didn't seem to mind too badly. After 2 innings we stopped for a popsicle break but I tell you, the weather could not have been more perfect. It was almost a fall-ish night.
  • We then played 3 more inning and during those innings my team seemed to get things together but it was too little too late. At the end of those innings, we sang to Graham and ate our cupcakes. Afterwards, he opened his presents and racked up-lots of cash, gift cards, legos, a nerf gun and what will probably be his favorite-a pull up bar.
  • After presents, it was still light so we played one more inning. This time we had the same teams but started a new game and ended the evening with a tie. Would could be better than that? Graham had a wonderful time at his birthday party and tonight he was already telling me who he wanted on his birthday kickball team next year.
  • Everyone helped us pick up (Grannymom, Nonna and Pops had already unloaded my dishwasher, reloaded it and filled my fridge up with all of the leftovers). So it didn't take too long for us to clean up from the party. We shooed the kids in to take their showers and Graham made sure that he had time to display his presents by the fireplace.
  • We gave Anderson his meds tonight (he felt well enough to play tonight which I think was great but he is still moving slow and would sit down some even during the game. But he had done little to nothing the past week and has felt miserable so I am sure he is a bit weak. He has until Tuesday to be his "perky" (ha!) self again or he is headed back to the doc.) Keaton and Anderson both did their breathers before bed and hopefully that will keep them from coughing for a bit.

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