July 8, 2017

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  • The plan this morning was to wake up early and go to climb Pinnacle. The rain, however, messed up our plans. Graham is still limping from his fall yesterday so he probably wouldn't have been the best at climbing the mountain. Whitman was still at Nonna's house and then was heading to Grannymom's house so instead of the mountain, we went shopping instead.
  • Car 1 had their tires rotated while we shopped and then Robby dropped us off at the pool. Then Robby picked Whitman up from Grannymom's and Cash up from his house and went to pick up Car 1 and drop off Car 2 to have it's tires rotated.  Then, they all arrived at the pool.
  • After Robby stayed for a while, he left to pick up lunch and was soon back. We all swam for a pretty long time. Dana and Lilly showed up and we let Dana watch the kiddos while we ran to pick up Car 2 and take both cars to get gas.
  • Robby went back to the pool and he said that the kids were not yet ready to go. The Crafts showed up at the pool and reinvigorated them all. It was a pool record for the Dennies-5 and a half hours. 
  • After getting gas in my car, I headed to the grocery store-all by myself. I just had the best time despite my soaking wet bathing suit that was making me freeze! I even bought myself a mango.
  • The kids still weren't ready to leave the pool when Robby said that it was time to go. Graham and Anderson ended up going home with Cash and we brought Lilly home with us. The girls went right upstairs and stayed up there forever. 
  • At one point, they came down and asked to make something and they followed the directions and made a chocolate chip cake. It was pretty good and they ate it during their movie this evening. 
  • After the cake had finished baking, they were ready for supper so Robby told them to make that too. They opted for nachos and were soon eating their supper. Robby had all of the girls that he could stand and ran to drop off clothes for the boys and picked up supper for himself and for me.
  • When he came home, I had my Chinese and hung out with Whitman while Robby worked on his treadmill. He broke the treadmill last week and fixed it tonight after ordering a bolt. We have already ordered a new treadmill since this one is probably on its last leg. And now we have seriously no excuse for not exercising since we can even do it together. 
  • The girls started a movie around 9 and I was going to read a few books to Whitman and put him to bed but he was soon upstairs with all of the girls.

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