July 25, 2017

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  • Keaton and Anderson are still battling fever. My Anderson today hasn't eaten that much all day. He started off this morning with one pop tart-that is unheard of around here. At lunch, he asked for a cheese stick and I would usually say no since those are mainly for snacks but I let him eat whatever he would want. 
  • He says that his throat doesn't hurt to badly but Grannymom did suggest that he gargle. When he mentioned it to me, I quickly got him some salty water. Bless, he didn't get very far-maybe he gargled once or twice before giving up. He told me that he swallowed the salty water and it made him gag. I reminded him to not swallow it and urged him to try again-he didn't!
  • If my crew isn't all better by tomorrow then everyone will go to the doctor on Thursday. So not only are we doping Anderson and Keaton with Tylenol occasionally and having them do Anderson's breather to help with coughs, we are also doctoring Reagan's arm for a wart and giving Whitman a nasal spray to hopefully help with his ear fluid. I feel like I am a pharmacist!
  • The kids seem to start to feel bad in the afternoon so at least school goes well. Keaton zooms through her work and ever started on tomorrow's as soon as I pulled it out. Anderson is usually the slowest with school and that hasn't changed. I am not sure that I can expect for him to do as much as Reagan did last year-he can certainly do the same work, that is not the problem, but his speed is. 
  • We did take our first day of school pictures today. Reagan made sure that everyone stood outside for their pictures-she might just be my little photographer. We ate our lunch a bit later than usual and after I sewed for a minute and straightened, it was time to load up for Grannymom's house.
  • Whitman had spent the day with Grannymom which made our school around here a bit quieter. I had a hair appointment and Reagan tagged along with me because we were going shopping afterwards.
  • We looked for her a dress first at Old Navy and they did not have too many choices. Our next stop was Kohls. We saw a really cute dress on a mannequin but could not find it anywhere. I asked about it and the workers were about to get a ladder to get it down when Reagan tried on a dress that size and we found out that she would need a smaller size. Later, as Reagan continued to search in that section, I stood under the mannequin wondering if Grannymom could resize that dress. Thankfully, we didn't have to do that because we were able to find a cute outfit in another section.
  • Robby picked up everyone else from Grannymom's house including a sleeping Whitman. They headed home and Reagan and I were home shortly after them. We ended up eating supper at Chickfila for their yellow receipt day (whatever you buy today, you bring your receipt back on a Tuesday in August and get it for free.) The kids really enjoyed this since Robby even splurged and bought them all milkshakes! What a perfect end to a hot summer day!

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