July 3, 2017

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  • The alarm started ringing fairly early this morning and I was ready to get up and get the first part of this day over with-Keaton's CT scan. Around 9, Keaton and I jumped into the car and headed to Children's. 
  • When we arrived, it was sprinkling and I asked Keaton if we should take the umbrella or just get wet. She opted for wet! It didn't take us too long to find radiology. We checked in and then started working on her reading book and school work. 
  • Soon, we were called back and the nurse lady was great. She explained everything to Keaton and Keaton laid up there like a pro as still as she could be. The only catch was that she almost had a melt down when I had to take her earrings off. For some reason she is convinced that changing her earrings hurts. 
  • After the scan, I had asked if she could see a picture of her brain and the lady took her back to see it. Keaton told me that there were like 24 of them. Then they went to pick out a few goodies for her-colored pencils, a coloring book, a sticker, a stuffed animal, a tiny Sprite and a rice krispy treat. That just made Keaton's day and she was ready to go back and do it all again.
  • Of course it was pouring when we left so we made a run for it to the car. We dropped my Pennys to make an exchange and then headed to the Wilsons. Robby had a funeral to go to this morning so he took Whitman to hang out with Shannon. Everyone else hung out at home and completed my long list of chores.
  • When we arrived home, the kids had completed their lists with halfway excellence so I counted that as good. I went to work unloading and straightening and soon it was lunch time. Everyone ate lunch and before I knew it, it was nearly 2 and I was on the treadmill for a few minutes.
  • We then picked up the neighbors and headed to the pool. We had to take two cars since my seat is out in the big van therefore, we didn't have enough room for everyone. That was fine though and then kids loved playing with their buddies. Robby and I didn't get in but we probably should have since the breeze was nice at first but then it became pretty warm.
  • The pool closed at 5, so Robby picked up pizza on the way home and even the neighbor kids came over to eat. Afterwards, they all played card game after card game in the kitchen while Robby and I worked on rice krispy treats. 
  • After the neighbors left, my kiddos showered and then Reagan worked on her American flag sugar cookie to take to the pool tomorrow. Then it was time to watch a few tv shows before going to bed. Whitman fell asleep before the shows were over and I had to carry him up the stairs-he is not as light as he used to be!

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